Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I feel like being somebody...like president

Recently I have been drawn to politics. Not really being a politician but the stupidity of how things are being done out there in Washington. This isn't a bash Bush thing. This is a quandary of our political system, absolute corruption, bi-partisan legislation, and just doing what is better.

Politicians, I think, are mostly immoral selfish people. Rarely do you hear about a politician that is actually out REPRESENTING the people that voted it into office. Yes, I know, I said it. It is an easier reference point. Being politically correct is so out of hand these days I don't even want to deal with the He/She crap.

Where did we go wrong? I'm not against our system or capitalism or our President. I didn't vote. I didn't think there was anyone deserving of my vote, qualified to hold that position. Our government is corrupt. Republicans, Democrats, Green all of em. Since when did politics become a vehicle for personal gain? Dumb question. But why does it have to be that way? Everyday that I listen to the news its this guy took bribes, that guy lied, he's not telling the truth, there were other motives when choosing that company, kickbacks, grease money, all that crap.

It makes me want to start anew. Why are there only liberals and conservatives? I think that most people that don't vote are the people that feel alienated from both parties. Middle of the road kind of people. The people that are sort of informed but turned off enough to be absent from the voting booth.

I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. I'm not a liberal or a conservative. I want peace in Iraq and to bring our soldiers home. I want the Iraqis to be able to govern their own country safely. I want to be prepared to prevent terrorism. I don't care if homosexuals get married but I don't think they should be able to adopt. I think taxes are all wrong. Everyone should have to pay taxes but let us be reasonable. The government doesn't need 40% of anyone's money. But they need something from everyone. I don't care for the welfare system. I think the people that come to this country should come with the expectation of becoming something. I hate racism. I am tired of "politically correct." I like rap music and think people can learn from it. I think pedophiles should be handed harsher sentences for any offense. I don't have a problem with the death penalty. Except that it shouldn't cost $2 million to kill someone. Which of the 2 parties do I fit in?

I believe that Americans can be represented fairly. Open minds can save us. Not Dictators and Parties. I believe in dialog and compromise.

I don't know what I am getting at exactly but I do know this.
IF I ran for president I would:
*stand for honesty.
*communicate as much information to the people as I possibly could.
*throw out millions of laws and try to simplify the legal system.
*have a balanced budget.
*have lots of special voter elections to know what the people wanted from their leaders.
*demand morality and honesty from senators, and congress people, and big businesses.

I would represent the people. And I would do everything in my power to make sure I was fair and just.

I think Americans deserve more than what we have currently. We deserve more from our elected officials. We deserve more than just you politicians asking us to vote for you. The only time we hear about politicians is when they are asking for our vote and that's not right.

2016 "for the love, and the plane."

Pa Ho Nix! I am Coming!

Well, it looks like Phoenix is going to be my new home. I just got my self a jobby job with a company that specializes in commercial land developement. I was hired to fill the main Marketing position. It will require me to do exactly what I was wanting to do. Strategy, Market Analysis, Advertising and minimal sales. PERFECT!

I am pretty excited to start. There is a bit of what some would call...nrevousness and aprehension. Its a big move. Basically I am starting a new life in a new place. I know like 4 people down there. My 2 sisters and 2 good ol' buddies of mine Rob and Tom. There are a few other people I know down there but really it feels like I am going in alone.

That's not totally a bad thing though. It is just that everything I have known for the last 5 years I am leaving behind. But behind every challenge is a blessing and lesson. So hopefully I will learn what I need to from this opportunity.

For all of you that I am leaving, Thank you so much for being my friend. I am still your friend the only thing that separates us is a little more pavement right? My cell phone won't know the difference. And to all of you down in Phoenix, get ready! I am coming!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Christmas Wish List

Here you go for the peeps who need to know. I will add links so you can see exactly what I'm talking about.

1. Thule Car Rack. I have snowboard racks to attach to it already I just need the base unit and a bike carrier attachment.

2. New Speakers for my car. TBA

3. New cell phone. The Sony-Ericsson T-710 is cool but I don't know if it is a T-mobile approved phone. But I've been thinking of switching recently.

4. iPod accessories such as...Remote and headphones, iTrip,




I'm sure I'll be able to think of some other presents that aren't this expensive. Just give me some time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Spike, the Pound Puppy That Made Me Cry

So there I am, reading Kara's new blog and I come across a post entitled "Spike." Spike is her pound puppy that she has had since she was 5. (She's 27 now.) But she tells the story about how her 2 year old daughter Ellie has claimed it as her own. And now Kara has somewhat imparted Spike onto her daughter. Anyhow, I totally fell apart and started crying as I read it. And now I tear box everytime I think about it. I caught me so off guard that a story like this would affect me the way it did. I literally cried like someone I loved dearly had just died. Or how I imagine I'd cry if that happened. It hasn't yet and honestly, I hope I die first so I won't have to deal with those emotions and that sort of loss.

Which brings me to my point. I have realized over the years that I am an emotional man. Not in a bad way. But that is the case. I think it is one of the reasons I am single at the moment. I tend to avoid casual relationships and dating for that matter because I get so attached. It scares me.

There are those of you out there that may find this a suprise. Others, not so much. I love my family more than I can express. I hope and think they know that. But I can be distant to them. I don't call them as often as they call each other. Then again I have 4 sisters...But I don't call them because of this fear. I mean, look what happened with the stuffed animal dog story. I knew the value that Kara had placed in that dog. I knew her attachment to it and to see her give it up was not only brave, touching, and poignant; but I envied her.

I am so scared to lose the things I love. And at the same time I want those opportunites in my life. I was jealous that she had the chance to pass that on, even if little Ellie doesn't understand the significance yet. I know that there is a huge piece of me missing because I haven't found her yet. But at the same time I am scared to death of the eventual possible separation that will occur. I don't want to have to date a girl fall in love with her and not have it work out. I can't take those kind of heart breaks. You've read some of my poems...I hadn't dated most of those girls and look what I wrote because of them.

So this is my dilemma. I know what I have to do. I have to take that risk but I am so scared. I know me too well. As bad as I want to step up to the plate, so to speak, I am not willing to pick up the bat.

On another note, I think that my sister's blogs are amazing. They have a way of bringing to life their words. The stories and the structure...I am not organized like that and I'm jealous.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Most Recently

Well, since I have posted anything of substance recently I thought it was time to do so. I think bullets are the best way for this.

* I just got a job with Provo Canyon School as a courier. My job, basically, is to take the kids at the school to doctor and dentist appoinments, or to and from the airport. Along with some random paper work here and there that is what I do. It is pretty laid back and the people I work with are good people. I like it so far.

* I am a sporting fool. A couple of weeks ago I played 4 softball games, a soccer game, and a flag football game. Needless to say I am a dominant force. I hit about .600 in softball and would probably win a gold glove at any of the 4 positions I play. In soccer I command the field from goal. Earning a shutout in a 12-0 win over the #1 ranked team in the upper division. In football, as quarterback, I threw 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, ran for a TD, and caught a TD pass. I threw for over 200 yards. Ok so that was cocky but what else do I have to brag about? Honestly, I'm a single, 26 yr old, college graduate with 2 part-time jobs, and no girlfriend or social life to speak of. So let me boast in the glory of my God given athletic ability. It is really all I have at the moment. And then I realize that intramurals and city league is nothing to brag about...

* I went to Tom's Wedding. I saw Jim there. I love them. I handed Tom a CD with the song Pony on it so he could filfill his Lopez obligations.

* I have all kinds of sweet ideas for companies and absolutley ZERO ways of making any money off of them. It is frustrating. I need some street cred or a company. I need some way to sell these ideas to these companies. pero...no.

* I love women. But I would be totally comfortable changing that phrase to "a woman." I wouldn't mind falling in love.

That's it.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The most massive Spiknard EVER

Holy freaking giant spikenard, bird boy!

I'd Rather Be In Compton

I wore this shirt the day we went to Paris. We took the Eurostat train that goes about 180 mph. Down through the Chunnel we went...and back we came later that night! Thank you Krista for buying me the shirt, I'm sure the French loved it.

Stretta...the cutest little girl

We met this 4 year old darling on the train to manchester. She was so cute!

The Enzo

This sat outside a nearby hotel called the Dorchester, the presidential suite costs about $19000 a night.

Take this link and learn more about this machine...Ferrari Enzo

Tom, the author of Botrash.com, properly corrected me when I first posted this picture and said it was a Ferari F-50. Thank you for the correction Tom. I ain't scared to admit I was wrong...or to give credit where it is due!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Abuse of the Elderly

I am so disgusted by this story that I had to share it with all of you. It is a story of greedy manipulative people that abuse the elderly and take advantage of their situation. It is a true story, please read it.

My grandmother is 87; she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and is shortly going in for radiation treatment. My grandfather is older than she is, has Alzheimer’s and does not have a driver's license. He has been buying Ford products literally since the Model-T Ford. His whole life he has been a die-hard Ford enthusiast.

My grandmother went to the Chapman Lincoln dealership in Scottsdale Arizona to get her 2001 Navigator some routine service. While at the dealership, she was approached by a salesman who cunningly subjected her to a divisive sales pitch. During this time, 2 other salespeople joined in and manipulated her into buying a brand new $50,000 Navigator. She even told these people that she had been diagnosed with cancer and that she was going in for treatment. That would not sway them. She was manipulated into signing a contract and forced into a binding agreement to pay for this new car.

Now, in order to pay for this car she has been forced to take cash out of her money market account to avoid the horrific interest rates and payments on her car of over $600/month. Lord willing she lives long enough to make the payments. Since that time in late June, in fact, just days later her old car was sold off the lot and she was not able to get it back.

Do car salesmen really wonder why they are hated so much? Please for my sake and the sake of my now poor, old grandmother help me do something about it. Please send this to everyone you can. I am trying to get people aware that there are those out there that are preying on the elderly, taking their money and ruining their lives.

I can’t do it alone. I need your help to make this right. Call them. Fax them. Tell your friends. Email them. Pass this on. Write them a letter. Boycott Ford products…anything at all. This is truly a disgusting display of humanity. The people responsible need to help accountable.

Chapman Lincoln Mercury
1330 E. Camelback Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85014
Fax: (602) 274-2042
Sales: (602) 850-9007
Toll Free: (866) 522-2777

My name is Caleb Reeve and this is a true story. And to you who did this, I hope the commission was worth your soul.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Clownin and Krumpin

Just for those of you who may be interested in the new dance phenomenon called Clownin, or the more aggressive style, Krumpin. This is a dance that is all about...don't let me explain it just check out these links to learn more.

Tommy the Clown - dead link
MTV News Article
Rize the Documentary

Saturday, June 25, 2005

California Dreaming

This is the view at the Carmel house at sunset with the fog rolling in.

This is a daytime view in Carmel.
A backyard view in Alamo. A lovely place indeed.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Here in Cali

Well, here I am in California with just about nothing to do so I guess I will update my blog with a few fun little tidbits.

Stupidvideos.com, I don't know if you have been there but there is probably 10 straight hours of video you can watch of people doing, you guessed it, stupid things. Here are a couple of links to some videos you may enjot.

Aisha-homemade music video
Lego Breakdancing
Quiznos Commercial

So there you go. I'm looking for work in markeing so if you know anyone let me know.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Hot Link

OK people. I have posted a few pictures on another site and can't seem to get them on mine right now so I will provide a couple of links for you.

This first picture is from our crazy rafting expeition where a watery grave was inviting us to stay. Yet, we came out mostly victorious with only scratches and stories of pure glory and triumph. What made it all worth it you ask? The 15 spectators on their lunch break who saw us take this...Oh Yeah!

Here is the video of the madness. 

The next picture is related to a picture below while I was at the US vs Costa Rica game. I was celebrating the soon to be goal of Landon Donovan's. I watched the whole thing unfold...

As for me I have been working at a soccer camp this week. I have 10 nine and ten year old boys that I oversee. It is a blast and relatively easy money for all of the money ima get. Holler!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thee doctor md luncheon

Mark dalecki's homeboy dinner the day before he gets married. Here at tucanos were dining is a tradition for us.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

USA vs Costa Rica

This is at the world cup qualifier in SLC june 4. I was on the field doing it vip style. It was one of the best days ever!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's Back! Kareoke Night

There was a group of people last summer that used to frequent a local bar. Not to drink but to sing. Atchafalya is a local pub in Provo that caters those who have the courage to get on stage and sing songs in front of a crowd. Or to those who are too drunk to care. Either way it proves to be a great night of entertainment. It used to be free but then they started charging money to get in so we stopped going. But it has been too long and I have a deep yearning to perform.

Here is a list of songs I have sung at Kareoe night.

*Santeria-Sublime *Dirty Diana-Michael Jackson
*Hotel California-The Eagles *Screaming Infidelities-Dashboard Confessional *Sperfreak-Rick James (RIP) *Down Low-R Kelly
*Faith-George Michael *Let's Get It On-Marvin Gaye
*Nuthin But a G Thang-Dr. Dre *Business-Eminem
*Anything For Love-Meatloaf

Who knows what will be next. Will it be Let her Cry, by Hootie and the Blowfish or maybe How Do You Want It, by 2Pac (RIP)

I am planning a most radical expedition on the Downtown Provo River. Jim and Justin may remember our last adventure...this is going to be on a much grander scale. Last time we pulled off the chinciest raft ride since the senior picinic.

The river is really rushing. The Deer Creek Resevior is full, so all of the excess water is being pushed down the provo river. Our goal is to set in up at vivian park and finish somewhere past Deseret Industries. There are 2 huge water falls that we are going to try to navigate. It is going to be INSANE! Maybe there will be pictures.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I just saw this and decided to check it out. Now I can send pictures from my cell phone and they will post on my blog. Is that rad or what!

This is in florida. A storm front was moving in.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Indeed it is DONE.

I have matriculated which is a school term for wasting time. Its over though. Finally! I will get my diploma in August and I have no more classes to take. So now I am bored...beyond bored. I don't have a job yet so I am just going through the process of finding one.

Today I went on monster.com and craigslist.com and applied for a couple of jobs. Yesterday I e-mailed a batallion of people to try to follow up on leads that I have been blessed with. I also applied for a job a Nu-Skin. that would keep me in Provo...I don't know how excited I am about that. Then again, its not like I have the job yet right? I applied at Golden Corral Buffet. Is that how you spell corral? or is it corrale...who cares really. Isn't it just another name for feeding bucket? I don't think I got the job. hard to believe. I don't know if my bachelor's degree under or over-qualifies me.

I should just focus on rapping or baseball. I could just persue the idea of papparazzi-ing the papparazzi. I'll get hired by famous people to bother and take pictures of the people that bother and take pictures of them. What a sweet idea. Anyone want in with me? I need some start up capital. And a crew. And clients. And I'd have to move to LA or NY. But other then that I am ready to go. I have the idea. That's really all I am good for...ideas. I get 'em every once in awhile.

Shouldn't I be out travelling? Isn't that what College Grads without jobs do? I should be in Europe or Asia or Boston or at the beach house...see it? it's right there.

So have a great day everyone. I'd like to give a shout out to ray ray and big steve.

Friday, April 29, 2005

It's Done!...I think.

So, it's complicated but I think I am done with school, maybe forever. Sweet. It makes me happy to think about it. But now I am working on filling a serious void in my life. I have been going to school pretty much non-stop since I was 5. Now I am 25. So what to do for the next 20 years? Hopefully I can find jobs/careers that motivate me and that I find success in. Then I could stop working and say the same thing about work that I am saying about school. I should also probably get married in the next 20 years. That would be sweet. Then I could have some kids and play catch with 'em. I wish I would have stuck with baseball. I think I could have been pretty good. oh well...

Saturday, April 23, 2005


I should be studying but I'm not. I can't, or at least, I REALLY don't want to. The one good thing that comes out of all this is a diploma. I am virtually done with school. That makes me happy. But it also scares me. I don't know what I am going to do. It is one of those points in life some would like to call a defining moment. Sure, why not? I mean, I don't know what direction my life is about to take. I could end up here in Utah, California, Arizona, who knows! I know what I want to be doing but I can't do it yet. I need some experience in the business field before I can go out giving people advice on how to do their marketing. At least I have something to work towards right?

I'd like to meet the woman I am supposed to marry. I am at the point of...I hate it. I want somebody. Everyone else I know has someone. Jealousy won't get me anywhere. But they all had wingmen that helped get them in the right spot. I ain't got no wingman cause they all went down in the blaze of glory. Now it is just me against whatever it is I am facing.

Sorry. Just lonely. But I hate finals. check out some new poems. yep, its true! Caleb has another crush that ain't gonna work out. Read all about it. HA!

Monday, April 18, 2005

The Trouble With Love Is...

In relationships today there is an inherent problem, love. Couples get involved with each other and “fall in love.” Cool. I’m not bashing love. I want to talk about people’s propensity to love and propensity to be loved.
There are several ways to love someone. Forgive me if I miss one. 1. Physically 2. With gifts 3. With time 4. With service 5. With words.

In relationships, especially with ones dealing with love we must be careful, we must understand what our partner needs. You see, some people need to be loved in certain ways. Some like to be showered with gifts, others like to be told that they are loved.

The key to a successful relationship where love is being addressed is; how does my partner need to be loved? How do they respond to love? Do they need gifts; do they need the physical touch, or my physical presence to know they are loved? How do they need to be loved?

Once we know what our partner wants we must also know what we want. How do I need to be loved? Once you know, you need to communicate that to your partner. This is one of my love recipes. I figure this would save a lot of people a lot of turmoil, a lot of tears.

You see the problem with love is that not everyone responds to it in the same way. Let’s say a guy, Jack, loves a girl, Jill. Jack wants Jill to know he loves her so he buys her gifts; all kinds of gifts. What if Jill just needs to be told that she is loved? All of Jacks gifts, while nice gestures, are in vain. Jill is not getting the point. Now there is tension between them. Jill doesn’t know if Jack loves her and Jack doesn’t know why Jill doesn’t appreciate his gifts.
I see this type of thing happening all the time.

So my advice, not that I am qualified to speak on such a topic, is know how to love and know how you need to be loved.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Up, but Out Dated

Hey! Hey! Hey!

I have a confession to make. I didn't go camping this past weekend like I told a few people. I went to Daytona Beach Florida. I went with a buddy of mine to support the UVSC women's dance team at the National Dance Association National Competition. It was a blast. Our girls place 9th in Division-1. Their routine was flawless right to the end. We had a couple of minor falls at the very very end. Without those deductions we could have placed 3rd. They did awesome and I am proud of them.

Sort of on the same note... Girls are wierd, funny, gross, and on and on. Spending time with women this past weekend only confirmed this. But you know what? I love it! They are SO different from guys and that is why we love them.

I am going to think more about what happened and get back to you. In the mean time check out the new poems I added to my other site.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Yo, Sorry about the delay. I think about updating this like every single day...but I don't.

First things first. Megan we miss you. Do your thang. Get yours!

Next: *News flash* I'm not very good at golf. Oh well, I guess I'll try to play more? You see I came to this realization this past weekend while celebrating UVSC's 3 day spring break. I went home to beautiful Alamo California and was able to spend a couple days out on the course with my dad. We had a good time but I really need some work.

Next: Holler if you hear me! I saw Jim Lee aka Bird Boy. That kid cracks me up. I have to think of the Master P song, "I Miss My Hommies." Cause I do. Look, this is how it is these days:
1. Jim Lee (Bird Boy)- lives in SF
2. Justin Wilde (Taco)- Lives in North Carolina
3. Spencer Evans (The Real Dilly)-Connecticut right? Working for the FB Aight!
4. Matt Coons (Judge Wapner)- Now in LA
5. Matt McCasline (Snip)- Up in Oregon. Portland I think.
6. Mark Dalecki (Thee Doctor MD)- Who knows. Salt Lake is my best guess.
7. Robb MacDonald (El Guapo)- He is in Provo
8. Shayne Thueson (Rasta)- Provo as far as I know.

I think that covers it. All my boys are gone or not in contact. It is sad. I really miss you dudes. Hence, Holler if you hear me!
Peace Out

Monday, March 14, 2005


Ok, so here are the haps. This past weekend I ended up in Jackson, WY. I was invited to help judge a regional snowboarding tournament. I have done 4 other tourneys and was inroduced into the game by John Recalde, my roomates older brother and fellow soccer buddy. It has been pretty fun. This was the biggest tournament I have been involved with. The people in charge put us up in a hotel in Jackson, paid us $400, paid for our meals, gas, and gave us comped passes.

Jackson Hole Ski Resort is a fun mountain. It is steep, I'm talking straight up and down. It is a strange to look back off the lift and see a perfectly flat valley below. It is like the mountain just shoots up out of no where. This is a cool part of their website. (Dead Link)  It has 360` photos and video of the resort. It is a fun mountain to ride, that's for sure.

It takes me back to Rick's College, now BYU-Idaho, when Jim Lee, Matt Coons, Mark Dalecki, Dave Beck, and I took a little bus ride to Jackson Hole and spent the day rooting some serious core, peeling the mountain, and basically spreading the Lopez mentality throughout the resort. I have only one picture that proves we where there but it is worth a thousand words.

Have a good day and keep it posted, I'll try to keep you entertained.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

This is what family is.

Krista thank you for your poem. I love you. I love all of my sisters with an eternal supply of love. I have parents that love me more than life. For this bond, relationship, love...I can not be thankful enough to God. I have been blessed beyond measure and am indebted to Him forever. I don't know what I did to be so very lucky.

Here is a Poem by my sister Krista entitled "For My Brother"


I know these poems
I wrote them too once
You feel so low
It’s a way to let go
You hurt, you’re confused
At that very moment there is nothing to lose
I look back now at what made me so sad
And I think to myself, “I remember that hurting so bad”
But now the pain is gone
Life has moved on
You know it always does.

But when I read your stories
It instigates all my worries
The tears start flowing
And my heart starts mourning
I sit here wanting you hold you
To cry with you, or for you
To do anything to help you
I sit here wanting to let you know
That I DO know the worth of your soul
My brother, the one who has loved me so much
My friend, the one I want to meet up with for lunch
An example of someone not afraid to feel
A person who has enough courage to heal
A son of whom my Dad can be proud
A student of life, not one of the crowd
A confidant, a lover, an ally, a friend
Someone who will just let me cry till my worries end,
Dedicated, trustworthy, and honorable
Can’t you see that you’ve got it all?

So when you are there feeling so low
Remember there is a little girl who loves you so
And even though I am not able to be there
Please kneel down and say a prayer
And right then I hope you will feel me say
“I’m loving you from just a little ways away”
I won’t hurt you or abandon your heart
For that I am much too smart
Because I know your love
And I hold you above
I know I am me because there was you
I know that because of you I will always be true
And you are always part of me
Because you were part of what I grew up wanting to be

Bubby, I hope you know
That so many girls will come and go
But someday the right one will come around and stay
And she will be a challenge and a beauty in your life every day
And she will see you the same way I do
She will be part of you too
And she will come, don’t you doubt
And then you will realize what all this time in between was about

But in the meantime you have 5 girls
Who all want to be a part of your world
Women who know you for what you are
Women who care about things like the name of your car
And we are here
To bring you great cheer
So in your times of pity and self-doubt
Please understand that I know what those times are about
And if you feel alone
You can call me, I will be home
And when you pray please hear me say
“I’m loving you from just a little ways away.”

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Radical Ideas?

I would like to thank the Daily Herald for helping ruin the education of 25,000 students. Your articles declaring UVSC’s non-community ways have destroyed our chances to upgrade our campus and make it a better place for the students and the community. I am failing to see how the legislature is caught up with UVSC not having it’s priorities in the right place. We want to build a LIBRARY!

Utah’s roads, evidently, are more important than the education of thousands…and we sit here and wonder why this state is in the condition it is in. Our teachers can’t afford to drive on the roads our legislators want to fix because they don’t pay them enough! Who has the core value issue? This was a state that was founded on principles of freedom, knowledge, and learning. The pioneers that settled this area wanted to be able to do what they wanted because people were suppressing them and not allowing them to follow their hearts. HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED!

Now, when a College wants to promote diversity in an area that desperately needs some serious culture, the “community” wants the heads of those in charge. This so-called community is full of hypocrisy. How did Kay Anderson, become voice of the community? He acts and talks like he’s the Mayor. I didn’t see him on the ballot. He speaks of the community backing him. Who is he talking about? How did he become the moral representative of the “community?” How can someone be so sheltered, against being open minded, freedom of speech, and the value of well roundedness and be considered a pillar of an upstanding community?

I would also like to thank BYU. Your honor code, which a fraction of you student body follows, has made UVSC look like the little red devil you want us to be. Let’s face it, this community bleeds blue. It is a cesspool of pride, short sighted, light minded, hypocrites. Any institution that boasts that, “The Universe is our Campus,” has a serious ego problem.

How has UVSC become a threat to the community and culture? Michael Moore came to present his side of the story. He thought that things in this country needed to change. He should have been able to come and express his views to a people who are willing to listen and evaluate what he says and make a decision based on what he said. We should have wanted to understand where the other side was coming from. We should have embraced him with arms outstretched. This country is based on hearing both sides of the story. Just because it may not be a side you want to hear doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be heard. That is soooooo ignorant.

The community we live in isn’t as shiny and moral as we would like to think. This “community” has had several child predators arrested in the past couple of months. The BYU football team has had its share of problems. Remember last summer when players were accused of violating drunken teenagers while watching porn? BYU has a huge gay population. I have heard from a gay male that he never has trouble finding a date at BYU. I see Cougs drunk at the bar on karaoke night. Remember Mark Hacking? He’s a local man accused of murdering his wife and unborn child. This is the same community that has at least 20 registered sexual predators. This is a state that spends over $5 billion less on education than the national average. And we want to build roads instead of libraries.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Ronnie Price

I just want the entire internet to know that Ronnie Price, UVSC basketball star, is a better person then basketball player...and he is an amazing basketball player. I wish him the very best with his dreams and aspriations.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Heckle Heckle

I wrote this in response to an article written in the College Times, the UVSC school newspaper. The author critsized the fans at basketball games that they don't know how to talk trash. I mentioned a phrase I often like to use "Do him Dirty." He said he didn't know what that meant...So I wrote this.

Where did Mr. Meeks earn is heckling credentials? In fact, how did he become an expert on the rules of heckling? Does he even have any credentials? Does he have something that makes him an authority in the “Art of Heckling?” NOPE! I, however, do…two actually. One from the International Player Haters Association, and the other is from the Hall of Game. They are hanging on my wall in my bedroom. If anyone should be writing an article about heckling it should be me, plain and simple.

You see Meeks; the beauty of The Heckle is that there really are no rules, only consequences. You can take The Heckle to any level you like, but be ready. There are things you should avoid such as racist remarks or grotesque sexual innuendoes. You can make those remarks but be ready for the backlash of those around you. I personally have drawn the line and don’t go there. I have chastised those who have made such comments. Some people have been sent to the third row in the Rowdies’ section because of worthless attempts at heckling.

Since when is family out of the question? I have been to a couple of Stanford basketball games and those students do their homework! They look up opposing teams players and see if their family members have any kind of criminal background. If they find anything, you bet they are going to use it! I have seen this happen. From what I remember from Player Hating 4650, an upper division class on the art of hating, size does matter. If someone is too tall, or too tiny, you have to make sure he is made aware of it. If he has long hair or nasty hair, tell him. If we have a sweaty, greasy fellow playing, we need to make sure the refs keep the ball clean.

Refs aren’t off limits either. Enemies listen better than friends do.

As for the terminology I choose to use in games, it really is not that odd. You obviously are looking at a world you know nothing about. Try going to “the City.” See what they are saying when they are ballin’ on the courts. Try checking out some AND 1 street ball. Go to a soccer game and find out what “Do Him Dirty!” actually means. I’ve seen dudes get done so dirty only a baptismal font could fix the aftermath. Have you ever seen Ronnie cross some poor fool up? I’ve seen his opponent’s egos and ankles break at the same time. And you know what? HE DON’T CARE!™ Have you seen Sylvester shake and bake, then straight up smoke a dude? At that point I don’t have to say anything because he’s just like your journalism career, D.O.N.E. And you want me to say something like, “Yer gonna get scored on?” Please. Go ahead and say that. I want nothing to do with it. I am going to keep it fresh and keep it real. But most of all, I am going to keep it straight up gangster.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Blah, Blah, Blog.

So it is a triumphant weekend for my team, the Patriots. Good job fellas. Anyways, I played in an indoor soccer tournament this past weekend and quite frankly, I did pretty well. I did dislocate my shoulder. It is in some serious need of repair. And by repair I'm talking about some surgery. Both of them (my shoulders), and my ankles also. I'm looking for a career in marketing. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for me please post them below. Rad. Also, check out my A Poet of Sorts blog. I am going to add some more poems right after I am done with this. So, Congrats Pats! Go Sox! And congratulations to me...

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Man I am bored. I don't even have a place to party it up for the Superbowl! Who am I supposed to cheer with when the Pats win? I don't have anyone to make fun of for rooting for the Eagles? I'm gald that the indoor soccer season is starting up or I might go crazy. It really is torture. Now that all of my friends that I have grown up with are moved away and/or married, I don't have anyone to play with. Poor me, right? Last night it was about 8:30 pm and I was done for the night. I went and got in bed. Good Times. I don't really meet anyone new because I don't have anyone to go out with and meet people. I don't want to go out alone! Who wants to hang out with the dode that is LOOKING for friends anyways? So for now I will just hang around and deal with the torture of being lonely...

Sunday, January 23, 2005


Just in case you didn't know, the Patriots rule.

Friday, January 21, 2005

My New Blog

I decided I wanted to put all of my poems out there. So check 'em out. Krista, try not to cry...HA! click here.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Tis the Season!

So, here's a little story. My car got broken into just as the fall semester of school ended in the middle of December. They stole my backpack and my cologne out of my car but left my radar detector, which rules, you should get one. I was happy that the thief didn't steal that. But I was still pretty mad that some one had stole some of my stuff. I had to go buy a new backpack and a bunch of other crap that was in there so I could function in school. (pen, pencil, paper, binders, etc.)

But today, 3 weeks into the semester, I got a phone call that went something like this.

"Is this Caleb Reeve?"
"This is officer xxxxxx with the provo police department."
At this point I am thinking, oh crap, what did I do this time? I think that way because I know there is something that I done that would anger the police.
He continued, "I have your backpack here with me at the station. It was recovered from a stolen vehicle that we just brought in."

It made my day. The best thing is that he is coming to school to give it to me! Its like webvan...or a pizza. Rad.

I'm in an internet marketing class right now and it is some kind of serious joke.
Keep it straight up gangster yo!

Sunday, January 16, 2005


I just don't get it. I live in Utah for now, and at least the 7th person has died in an avalanche this year. Hey all you backcountry riders...FIGURE IT OUT! Is it worth the few sweet turns in the fresh powder? How many more greedy, stupid people are going to die this year in avalanches? I don't mean to be totally insensitive but I need to prove a point. You have to be pretty stupid to go out into the backcountry after 2 weeks of over 5 feet fresh snowfall. They have been warning people, they have signs at the resorts. You are basically asking for it. Obviously it doesn't matter how prepared you are for it because the freshest body that was dug up today just finished a course in avalanche awareness. He was on the search and rescue team in his hometown. I want to feel bad for them but they are making it more difficult than I would like. Don't just be careful, stay away if you want to live.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Thank You iPod!

I can listen to all of the songs I love thanks to this little device. Get yourself an iPod. I love music. It is a huge part of my life.

Music: I love emotion in music. There is a certain passion that some artists have for their music that I am drawn to. Whether it is in the words or the music or the harmonies. It makes it better, distinguishable.

Classic Rock - I got into this music purely out of peer pressure. I had to fit in with my group of friends so I listened to what they listened to. It was all Classic Rock. I didn't mind, I enjoy it.

*Pink Floyd - I remember listening to The Final Cut for the first time and I was blown away. I could feel Roger's pain. David Gilmore's guitar could speak. No words need be spoken. I knew what David was trying to say. "Ashes and diamonds, foe and friend; we were all equal in the end" from the album, The Final Cut - Two Suns in the Sunset
* The Doors - I like these guys too. They're not The Floyd but it is a different feel. Actually it is very different from Floyd. The Doors' guitarist pretty much sucked. But I love driving to their music. I love the poetics and feelings from Jim. "Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn. Tied her with fences and dragged her down." - When the Music's Over

*Hip-Hop - I don't know how I got into Rap, but I did. It wasn't the norm in my family or with my friends but I always have loved it. It speaks to be. Sure I'm white and 25 from suburbia but I have a bit of gangster in me...Holler! :)
*2 Pac - His flow and voice are great I can feel his emotion. He means what he says. I lowered the flag at my high school to half mast when I found out he died. "Remember me smiling, with G's in my pocket. Have a party at my funeral, let every rapper rock it." - Life Goes On
* Dr. Dre - He's a Pioneer. His beats are rad, he keeps it fresh. "What? cuz I been in the lab, with a pen and a pad; tryin to get this damn label off?" Forgot About Dre
* Snoop - A classic. Smooth and Stylish. "slim with the tilted grin"
* Eminem - He is unreal. I don't know how he puts it all together lyrically. He really is gifted. "Who's arm is this? I must have cut it off at the pharmacist. Who failed to renew my seven perscripts into Darvocets. I'm the old man who lives upstairs and starves his pets. And never leave his house cause he thinks his car's possessed." Watch Dees
**Others: Master P, P. Diddy, The Notorious B.I.G., 50 Cent...

Slow Jams -
80's I grew up in the eighties and had a father who listened to soft rock non-stop. So naturally I became a fan of those same hits. I love lots of 80's music but the rock ballads and love songs take the cake.
* Lionel Richie " I've been alone with you inside my mind. And in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times." Hello
* Heart " You don't know how long I've wanted to touch your lips and hold you close." Alone
* George Michael "So if you love me; Say you love me. But if you don't, then just let me go." One More Try
* Whitney Houston "Loving you makes life worth living" Didn't We Almost Have it All

**Other Artists I Like:
Billy Joel, Air Supply, Chicago, Hall and Oats, Micael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Phil Collins, Les Miserables, Sublime...

I don't have a category to put this band in but they deserve a shout out in my book.
*Dashboard Confessional - Chris Carrabba is the lead singer and guitarist. He's pretty good too. This band is all about emotion. The music is awesome, but especially the lyrics. There is so much feeling. They are amazing. I suggest you check them out if you can. "I guess its luck. But its the same hard luck you've been trying to tame. Maybe its love but its like you said; "Love is like a role that we play." Ghost of a Good Thing Check out their site, they have some music you can listen to.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

My Noble Effort

How do our teachers get paid nothing...but we pay some dude to throw a ball $15 million a year? Good job America, at least we have our priorities straight. Do we really need to wonder why the world seems so evil? Look at what we glamorize. Look at what we revere. Look at who we pay and how much we pay them. I don't ask those questions.

Friday, January 07, 2005


My friend and I put together this website back in 2000. Actually, I added creative input. He did all the technical stuff, but I watched as he did it. I'd give him my advice on what it should look like and what it should say and he made it happen.

How About a Poem?

I wrote this poem moments after a girl, I totally would have married, told me she wasn't physically or sexually attracted to me. Ouch.
A Crooked Babbling Brooke

What, I’m not good enough? Do I give up?
Close the door behind me?
Well, the truth hurts. And what is worse, it is blinding.
Constantly reminding me, finding my weaknesses, hiding.
Bringing me grief, stealing my peace, a thief.
She a beauty, and me, the beast.
These kinds of stories, with no happy ending, they adore me, they form me.
No more pretending, lending me fantasies that can never be, only possibilities.
My heart is adrift on random seas.
Play me a heartbreak anthem please.
I can’t breathe, with tendencies to grieve.
She’s out of my league.
It’s cold. I freeze. Oh reality!
My needs never met, bereft, upset.
Yet, I can’t forget, or let go!
Still, I know this is how it ends again.
Lacking, never packing the total package though.
I’ll be good enough for someone, somewhere, someday, maybe.
I hope…

Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Internet

Ok, This is weird. Does the internet exist? Sure there are lines and cables and monitors and modems, but is there really internet? Its not like this blog even really exists in reality. I can't go to a warehouse and grab it. So what part of the internet, other than the physical pieces, actually exists? It doesn't exist. All we really have is the tools that allows us to look at it. I can't even take those tools apart and find the internet. Think about it.

Much love. Keep it straight up gangster.


How To Love?

This isn’t a relationship blog.
In relationships today there is an inherent problem, love. Couples get involved with each other and “fall in love.” Cool. I’m not bashing love. I want to talk about people’s propensity to love and propensity to be loved.
There are several ways to love someone. Forgive me if I miss one. 1. Physically 2. With gifts 3. With time 4. With service 5. With words.
In relationships, especially with ones dealing with love we must be careful, we must understand what our partner needs. You see, some people need to be loved in certain ways. Some like to be showered with gifts, others like to be told that they are loved.
The key to a successful relationship where love is needing to be addressed is; how does my partner need to be loved? How do they respond to love? Do they need gifts; do they need the physical touch, or my physical presence to know they are loved? How do they need to be loved?
Once we know what our partner wants we must also know what we want. How do I need to be loved? Once you know, you need to communicate that to your partner. This is one of my love recipes. I figure this would save a lot of people a lot of turmoil, a lot of tears.
You see the problem with love is that not everyone responds to it in the same way. Let’s say a guy, Jack, loves a girl, Jill. Jack wants Jill to know he loves her so he buys her gifts. All kinds of gifts. What if Jill just needs to be told that she is loved? All of Jacks gifts, while nice gestures, are in vain. Jill is not getting the point. Now there is tension between them. Jill doesn’t know if Jack loves her and Jack doesn’t know why Jill doesn’t appreciate his gifts.
I see this type of thing happening all the time. So my advice, not that I am qualified to speak on such a topic, is know how to love and know how you need to be loved.