Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New Poems...sad ones

This one is called Indentured.

This is the title track to the whole thing. A Poet of Sorts

I wish I had better news. But my heart is broken and I am sad. She is Magic.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What is a Resolution?

I have been thinking about the word itself. I know that a New Years Reslolution is a goal or something to that effect that you use to motivate yourself to be a better person during the coming year...

But where does the word come from, what does it really mean? Why do we call it a resolution?

Initially I thought maybe it came from being resolute, determined and focused on an objective. Then I thought maybe it is a RE-solution...meaning you are going to try to solve a problem...again.

As I browsed over the various definitions, #3 said, "a course of action determined or decided upon." That is probably the most fitting definition; the most appropriate. But I think looking at it in a macro sense is interesting too. Think about it...picture clarity, the higher the resolution the clearer a picture is. Legally speaking, it is the decision of a court or legislative body, ie. yourself. You choose the plan of action. In music it is described basically as changing one note to become another. Like when you tune a piano or guitar. You have change the tone of the other notes based on a single correct note, a keynote or primary note. Fascinating! So maybe like, changing your life to fall in line with certain rules you think you should be living, being in harmony with the law. In the military the word is used as a measurement of the smallest detail that can be distinguished by a sensor system under specific conditions.

I find it all very interesting. Resolution…maybe it means to put it to sleep…finish the job…do what had needed to be done finally. Any way that you look at it I thought an in depth look was needed.

As for me do I have any? I usually don't make them. I have goals and dreams and ways and means. Why do I need a specific day or time of year to motivate myself to be a better person? Plus, it just gives the Old Scratch more ammo to break me down. I don't need to aid him at all. In addition to that, a lot of people make unrealistic resolutions for themselves...I disagree with that. If you are going to have near impossible goal you better at least have some kind of a plan to obtain it...you can't just be saying stuff like, 'I want to make a million dollars.' How?

But for the sake of making a New Year Resolution...I don't want to give up on things so easily and quickly. I want to be persistent and patient and long suffering. Don't give up Caleb, be stalwart.