Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Greater Than Less Than

People sometimes ask what is your favorite...thing. I usually find myself stumped. I don't know if that is because I don't want to box myself into liking just one thing or because I like to change my mind. I have favorites, don't get me wrong. What I have more of is PREFERENCES. There are definitely things I like more than other things. If you were to give me a choice between two I can choose one. Here are a few.
BMW > Mercedes
Adidas > Nike
Baskin Robbins > Cold Stone
Cookies > Brownies
Nestle Quik > Hershey's Syrup
Crest > Colgate
Braun > Norelco
Pink Floyd > Beatles
Football > Baseball
2 Pac > Biggie
Dr. Dre > Diddy
Lord of the Rings > Harry Potter
Edward > Jacob
Aniston > Jolie
TMZ > Entertainment Tonight
My Music > Your Music
Right Ankle > Left Ankle
Southwest > Others
Costco > Sam's Club

I don't feel bad about not having a defined list of Favorites. My preferences will do just fine. And maybe, just maybe, if you give me enough preferences I will eventually find something that trups everything else and I will have a favorite. But for now I will stick to things I prefer.