Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mas Peliculas

I've been to a couple more movies that I thought I would post on.

Terminator Salvation - Its your run of the mill action flick. It was a little confusing because I am not UBER familiar with all the other Terminator movies. I've seen them but don't recall a whole lot from them. No problems with it really. It was entertaining. I pretty much got what I expected.

UP - I didn't see it in 3D but I don't think that took away from it at all. (plus it saved me a few bucks) Pixar put out another great movie. Its hard to complain about this one at all. Its got some cute parts, some funny parts, and the humor and wit you are used to with this thread of films. I really enjoyed it and I went on a Saturday afternoon which means I got to enjoy it with all the littles in the theater as well. Its fun to hear them talk and see what they laugh at. I'd say go see this one.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Roadkill Remains the Same

Sadly, when I went back this is all that was left. What was I thinking to not take a picture? 'And the vision that was planted in my brain still remains...' I've stopped a couple of times today and had that picture pops into my head and all I can do is chuckle in disbelief and awe. What disturbs me the most is: At what point did this deer put on a t-shirt? Who does that? These people are among us.

I was pretty tired this morning. I decided to stop by the Emissions shop close to where the accident occurred. I spoke to a Latin fellow and asked him if he saw the deer. He said he did. Then I asked him if it had a t-shirt on and he said it did. We both laughed a little and then I took off.

Rudolph, the Red Shirt Roadkill

This morning while I was driving home and about a 3/4 of a mile from my house, on State Street, I saw one of the strangest things I have ever seen; a dead deer on the side of the road...wearing a red t-shirt. Not like draped over it but like you see when someone puts a sweater on a dog in the winter. It literally had its front legs in the sleeves, head through the hole. I drove past a good 200 yards and stopped. I threw it in reverse and backed up to get a better look. I was pretty tired and didn't know if I was hallucinating. Indeed, a dead deer wearing a red t-shirt. I wonder if it is still there. If it is, I'll take a picture and maybe post it if 'The People' (that's you) desire it.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Recap

I thought it was going to be Adam, Danny, and Alicia as the final 3. Kris came out of nowhere. I thought Adam was a better performer and had a better overall season, Kris had a better last 2 weeks. (you know Americans with our short attention spans)

I may be reading too far into the results but there is also a dynamic I am interested in. Rumors abound that Adam is gay. Kris is married. I wonder if America voted partially based on that. I know some people who voiced that it was an issue. And if people didn't vote for Adam because of the rumors or voted for Kris because they didn't want Adam to win because of those rumors is interesting. I'll just leave it at that. You can try and figure out what that means.

I didn't vote during the finale. Personally, I think Adam should have won and I was surprised when he didn't.

What I did get out of the finale is that Kara DioGuardi is just as hot as I initially thought. She's a bit egotistical but I find that sexy...along with her smokey eyes and pink lipstick and homegirl can SING! I only rewound the DVR once to see her in her black bikini. She's way hotter than the AI Bikini Girl. Its not even a contest.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Movie Madness

Its blockbuster movie season and I've been doing my part to keep abreast on the latest and greatest. Now, I should let you know that I am pretty easy when it comes to movies. I have learned to not expect too much. This means I am rarely let down.

So let me give you a break down of the movies I have seen and how they rank.

The Soloist - not too bad. It was a little slow in parts but what else can you expect from a movie about a homeless guy that plays the cello. If you are steering away from action packed adventures its not a bad choice.

Wolverine - I heard a lot of people complain about this movie and say they didn't like it. My question to them is, What were you expecting? You have no doubt seen the other X-men movies, was this so much a departure? I think not. It was a good movie. I can't complain. I don't feel like I got ripped off by any means.

Star Trek - Of the movies I've seen in the past month, this one has been the best. I like that you have to think a little and put it together. Plus, it had plenty of good action. I think they did a good job of staying true to the roots of what Star Trek is at heart while still keeping things current and interesting.

Angels and Demons - This one was better than The Da Vinci Code...probably not hard to do. I wasn't a big fan of the that one. I didn't even bother to see it in the theater. I think they did a better job on the storyline and it had a good flow to it. I liked it.

To sum it all up I'd say that all of these movies are worth seeing but I'd say you could wait for all of them to come out on DVD and watch them in the comforts of your own home, with the exception of Star Trek. I think it is theater worthy.

I am bound to see more movies during the big show season but mostly I'm excited for Tansformers 2. I liked the first one, maybe my most favorite movie. I was fully entertained. Talk all you want about the lack of a plot but I left the theater and the only thing that could vocalize what I was feeling was: Entertainment Orgasm. I think I coined that phrase. Needless to say, I was thoroughly impressed. I saw it at least 2 more times on the big screen.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Heaven Here by Dashboard Confessional

This song has nothing to do with my current situation. Its not in reference to the weather we've been having here in Utah. The seasons keep fighting with each other to see who's turn it is and a winner has yet to be determined.

Is it possible for a song to REMIND you of an event that hasn't happened? Isn't that a paradox? I can't be reminded of a future memory. So let me try and put it another way. This song, to me, represents how I hope to feel. I want this song played at my wedding reception. It seems so appropriate for that situation.

The lyrics are so hopeful. I can imagine feeling this way on my wedding day, being at the reception and for some reason this song encapsulates the events and feelings that should be taking place. "We are the only ones who feel it." Its all about me and my sweetheart.

Maybe it can mean something for you too. Enjoy.