Thursday, January 29, 2009

Getting New Tires

I thought it was only proper to send a shout out to the Discount Tire here in Provo. If you are local to the ProvOrem area and you need tires go there and tell them I sent you. He may not give you a discount or anything but they should at least take care of you. I feel it my personal obligation to do so.

Manager Joe Snyder, 801-343-3518 972 S University Ave Provo UT 84601

Here is a shorter (kinda), blog friendly version. I had some tires that were wearing out improperly because of an alignment issue. Discount wouldn't rotate my tires properly because it would have involved taking the tires off the wheels and apparently that is too much work to do for free. Both Discount Tires locally turned me down and insisted on charging me.

I wasn't going to be charged for a service they offer for free for people with normal tires (mine are directional). So I decided to send an email in complaining to Corporate. I basically said in the email that I had been a satisfied customer for the past few years and that I had bought several sets of tires from them over that time but now I was really turned off at this point. I said that depending on how they handled the situation they would either keep a customer or lose a customer. I got a call at 8:30 the next morning from the Provo store. The manager asked me to come in and work this out.

Now, my car has all wheel drive and I can't just throw 1 tire on there. If 1 tire goes bad than I have to buy 4 new tires. Needless to say the economy isn't treating me right and my wallet is tight. After talking with the manager he suggested I get new tires and because it was a safety issue he would work with me on the price. I'm no cheap skate and I don't look for handouts. i told him that I would pay the full amount but if I could do it over 4 months then I could pay for it. So we agreed on that deal. One tire a month until the balance was paid. No interest, no extra fees, nothing.

He really worked with me to get a new set of tires and needless to say was again satisfied and happy with the service I got. In these tough times it is good to see that there are companies and people that understand that and are willing to work it out. Sure it took a little complaining but sometimes it takes those moments of friction and indecision to really determine how a relationship is going to turn out.

I'm happy, not totally broke, and have a safe set of tires. Thank you Discount Tire of Provo.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Me Being Vulnerable

This may make my sisters cry and for that I apologize. But I get on their blogs and read the stories of their children and see the little pictures of them and I long to have those joys and those challenges and those stories of my own. I don't know if it is jealousy or self pity or what it is I feel when I get on those blogs but it makes me cry. It reminds me of how alone I am. Finding someone only gets harder as I creep towards being a single thirty something. I'm sure it will happen one of these days, "in the own due time of the Lord," but really I just wish it was sooner than later.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Parasites: the wave of the future.

Other than the lack of notable events happening in my life, which has caused the barrenness, the dearth of blog, things are going pretty alright. I got my cast off and so far my 'instability' hasn't yet lived up to its name which i a really good sign. I am taking it easy though.

I also just finished a short blog on my presidential site about taxes.

I spent Christmas in California. Mostly lounging around, watching movies, eating...the normal holiday stuff. I couldn't do too much else because my cast wouldn't allow me to participate in such activities as golf, croquette, swimming, tying anything; it was very frustrating. But now it doesn't take me 5 minutes to button my shirt. That in and of itself makes me happy.

I have this idea. Tell me what you think. You take a pill that has a parasite in it. It eats most of the food you eat. You lose weight and when you have lost the weight you wanted to you take the second pill that kills that parasite. Awesome right? Parasites are all natural. Its got to better for you AND more effective than all of the crazy drugs that are out. It has to be better than a red pepper, honey and salt water cleanse...right?