Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tech 2.0.1.c3

When I blog I want it to be something special, something worth reading. Not simply an update of what has been happening. That seems so redundant and uninteresting.

Technology has gotten to a point where you can catch me on any number of different media. Lets take a look at the list.

Phone/Text: You can probably find it online if you need it or don’t have it.

Blog: You’re here. But did you know I have a total of 4 blogs? Check it out!

  1. Mental Foreplay -
  2. A Poet of Sorts –
  3. Caleb Reeve for President –
  4. Caleb’s Resume –

Twitter: @calebreeve It also feeds to this blog on the right side of the page. This is a good way to get my daily updates and see what’s up in my life. I post on it nearly daily. So come follow me on the Twitter.

Facebook: /calebreeve You know what FB is and what it does. I don’t need to explain it to you.

Skype: CalebReeve you can video chat with me if you’d like.

Instant Messenger: I think I am on Yahoo and MSN. Probably search Caleb Reeve and you can find me.

Email: I have a couple. If you got em then lucky you! Haha.

My Space: calebreeve this is something I don’t use any more but the account is active and I check it maybe once a month.

All of this, it is overkill, no doubt about it, but it is how life is today…for some of us. Now, I don’t use Skype or Instant Messaging or MySpace for the most part. MySpace is a dead medium as far as I am concerned. IM is on FB and Skype. Skype, there really aren’t that many people I know that use it. I think it is an up and coming technology that is really cool but it isn’t utilized.

What is super crazy about life today is that there are always new ways coming along to help access and share this information and open lines of communication. My phone, the HTC G2 from T-Mobile does pretty much all of them. It can chat, get on Twitter and FB. I can take pictures/video on my phone and send it to my blog, FB, or Twitter...or all 3. Did anyone see The Office episode where Ryan creates WUPHF? Here is a link to the episode.

Life is actually like that these days. Some people may take issue with it. I am fascinated by it and I happen to be OK with it.