Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Greater or Less Than

At my house growing up we had some sort of machine that helped us learn to do math. It would talk and ask us in a very computer like voice "5 is greater or less than 15?" So as i learned what <> actually meant, although sometimes it is still unclear to me because I always remembered which arrow thing to use by knowing the little on eats the big one. so 1<4>1. See? Its like a little open mouth, hungry for some numbers.

All of this reflection has made me want to use these little signs to determine other things that are greater than other things. Let's Play!

Whopper > Big Mac
Hershey's Syrup < NesQuick
Facebook > MySpace
Right Ankle > Left Ankle
Nike < Adidas
Henry Weinhards > IBC

That's just a start. This makes me want to rank things. Maybe my next post I will rank some food related things according to my preference. Until then, gimme some of yours!