Thursday, August 26, 2010

Naming my Baby

I have found that getting my new vehicle has caused me to dig a little deeper and has brought about new challenges in life that may prepare me for some kind of relationship one day.

For example.

1) I have, a good word for it is coasted, the past couple of years in a job that, while I have been there, enjoyed and learned, but found myself under employed and just getting by. The car has caused me to seek better, more lucrative employment and bring about a new grown spurt my marketing career.

2) Number One has caused me to realize that this car is my new longest relationship. I have a 75 month commitment thrust upon me, which I don't mind because it has caused me to get my butt in gear. (one of the big reasons I decided to purchase)

3) Because of #2 and my new found commitment, I have to take good care of it. I realize that this is here for the long haul and I need to treat it right.

Most importantly, today I took it on a little mini-expedition in the hills behind where I live. (Its full of dirt trails that wind their way about. Now in light of #3, I was being very careful not to over exert us.) But I found out during this off road rant that my vehicle is a Girl! I found myself saying, "oh She does so well!" "She drives like its asphalt."

This brings me to my point...I have to name this girl.

I'm not yet sold on any of these names and something may just come to me one day. But so far, here are the ones I have kinda narrowed it down to and the reasons why.
*Bianca, which means white, is also the name of one of the moons that orbits Uranus. Plus you can yell, 'Come on B!' and its OK.
*Faith, I will need some in order to keep her.
*Hannah, I like the name and if you can get past Montana, the Hebrew word "Hannah" has many meanings and interpretations, including "beauty" and "passion" both are qualities she possesses.
*Victoria, named of course for victory, and being a Goddess back in the day. Plus, she's a vampire, Queen of England, a Beckham, and this cute blonde girl I used to know that played soccer.
*Serena, they are built the same way, solid. Plus, the Williams sister is often wearing white on the court.

Let me know what you think. There is a picture below in my last post so you can see her. She looks like an angel in the sun light. She's got every possible option, she's fully loaded to say the least.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

A NUUUUUUEW CAR! (Bob Barker Voice)

The News!

First of all, I bought a new car. Well, SUV. I painfully and reluctantly let go of my beloved Subaru WRX. Part of it due to necessity, I'm getting my ankle fused and pushing a clutch isn't really an option during the recovery process. The other reason was because it had 115000 miles and I was going to have put a bunch of money into it.

There it is driving away...
I put the car up on KSL and had 3 offers in less than 24 hours, all prices I was happy with. What happened is the car salesman I work with when buying new cars for Centurion Security heard I was in the market and found me a new ride. He put the heat on me big time and I totally caved.

I ended up with a deal I couldn't say no to and an opportunity to push myself to advance my career. Its a 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Larado with every single option available. Remote start, sunroof, navigation, dvd, bluetooth, a/c plug, iPod connectivity, 5.7 liter Hemi V-8, reverse camera, and probably some other stuff I am forgetting. Its white and beautiful and I love it. Now I just have to figure out how to pay for it. That's my motivation. Get a better job, make the payments...its all good. I'm scared and excited.

The other crazy news is that a guy I was trying to serve divorce papers to had committed suicide in the house. Luckily I wasn't around when it happened, nor was I there when the cops rolled up. I want to tell you more about the story but not tonight. You have enough.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Few of My Favorites

A List? Why Not?

Top 5 Movies
Back to the Future
O Brother Where Art Thou
Real Genius
The Count of Monte Cristo

Top 3 Artists
Dashboard Confessional
Pink Floyd

Top 5 Played Songs on my iTunes (Since December)
Water and Bridges – Dashboard Confessional
I and Love and You – The Avett Brothers
Falling Down – Ben Jelen
What I wanted to Say Was – Dashboard Confessional
Gravity – John Mayer

Top 5 TV Shows (on TV)
The Mentalist

Top 5 Video Games
Golden Eye – N64
MarioKart – Wii
MarioKart – N64
Call of Duty – Modern Warfare – Wii
RC Pro Am – Nintendo

Top 5 Video Games songs
Tetris ----> cooler version
Super Mario Brothers ---> cooler version
Spy Hunter
Mike Tyson's Punch Out – Bike Interlude

Monday, August 09, 2010

Night Mind Games

Its night time. My mind tends to race at this hour. I have trouble turning it off. I have the craziest thoughts on nights like these. I never remember any of them clearly. I think there should be more Mental Foreplay in your lives.

Tonight though, instead of letting my mind race aimlessly, I have spent probably the last 2 hours looking over my blog, rereading many of the posts. Since I joined the world of blogging in 2005, this is my 192nd post. I am so glad I decided to start a blog. In the process I have learned something about myself: I am amazing. In so many ways I am amazing!

I don't know if anyone really reads this or looks forward to reading my posts. I found myself laughing at myself, how I write things. I wish you could read the words the way I want them to sound. There are gems in these posts. I love them. I am so happy I have them.

I am in this blog. You can find me here. If you have questions, search the posts. They have Me written all over. If you have a question for me that still needs answering, simply comment and I will respond. I will happily answer any question that is asked in sincerity.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Summer Time!

I postponed my ankle fusion surgery that was supposed to happen in 4 days. It happened about a month ago, on the 3rd of July actually. The day was so enjoyable and fun that I convinced myself I could put off the surgery for a couple more months in order to have a little bit more fun.

Everything has been going according to plan...except the part where I forgot that it meant being in more pain. Its manageable I guess. The most frustrating part is not being able to execute what my mind knows its been able to do in the past.

For example, I was trying to play softball a couple weeks ago and while I am still good enough to hang in there and handle my business, my range and mobility have suffered irreparable damage. My brain says, you got that grounder to the left or that pop out foul ball and then I go to take a step and a flood of pain and I can't get there. My my responds much faster than my body can. I still have a great arm and solid bat but I can hardly run the bases and I become a liability. Its probably the most annoying thing about the situation.

All in all though I really have been enjoying myself. Provo in the summer is actually more fun than you would expect. Real Salt Lake games, fireworks displays, rope swings, camping, fire pits, grilling, playing catch, giant water slides, golf, road trips, summertime movies, parties, and the list goes on. I am going to try and live it up before I have 4-5 months of recover from this impending surgery. I don't know when the date is yet but probably looking at October. So there is still some time and I look forward to it, in pain or not.