Thursday, March 30, 2006

DVRs and Cell Phones

What joy! DVR/TiVo simply put is...awesome. I love it. I don't have to worry anymore about missing an episode of 24, then having to wait 6 months for the DVD to come out. That alone pretty much pays for the monthly fee. I pay 5 bucks for DVR every month. I'd spend at least $30 to rent all of the DVDs. So that offests the cost of 6 months of service.

Tonight I watched, House, Boston Legal, and American Idol, 3 hours of shows in only 2 hours. That means I am watching less TV which is always good right?

I just thought I would share the joy of technology. The world we live in is amazing. I just bought the new T-Mobile MDA. It has internet access, automatic email forwarding, the whole Microsoft office suite on it, a 1.3 megapixel camera that takes video as well. It can send video email, I can put video files on it and watch shows, and play mp3 files as well. I bought a chip that holds 1 gig of data. That is like 3 full length movies or 500 songs or 1500 photos.

The other day I emailed a co-worker a homework file he left on a jump drive at the office from his work computer. He then emailed the file, from his phone, to his buddy's laptop at school who then sent it wirelessly to a printer. The friend then went and turned it in because my co-worker was running late. Tell me how cool that is...actually you don't need to because I already know.