Monday, June 28, 2010

Its a Celebration!

I celebrated my 31st birthday on the 18th with a BANG! It started off with a breakfast at my house at 730am with a bunch of people. We are eggs and bacon and waffles and orange slices in preparation for the USA World Cup match where they came from 2-0 down to tie the match and almost win. It was great.

The rest of the day was filled with more World Cup soccer, a little bit of work and then we got ready for the party. Here is a picture of the flier we passed around to hype the party. At Applebees Karaoke on the Tuesday before the party, a friend and I performed a rousing rendition of Coolio's Gangsters Paradise as further party promotion. It was awesome!

Yes, it was a 90's throwback Hip Hop party. Back to the songs of my high school dances and the Golder Era of Rap.

I have a buddy, shout out to Clayton Carter, that is a DJ and has all the equipment one would need to toss it up properly. Somehow, through a girl in my ward, we were able to secure a venue that was more than perfect. It was a warehouse in an industrial area just a couple miles from my house. This means no cops and plenty of room.

As we set up and the music was pumping through the speakers I got really excited. Everything was set up and at about 1030 people started coming. Then more people and more people! At the peak there were probably about 130 people in there.I was wearing my old high school football jersey to commemorate the celebration. I even gave my other jersey to an old Monte Vista High School alum, Katy MacDonald.
Hot babes and bangin music made the night unforgettable and something that I will probably try to do again later in the summer.
I also got a gym pass, just like I asked for! Thanks to my sisters and mom for taking care of me. I've been to the gym twice already! I'm making it a goal to get there and exercise at least 3 times a week. I can't say I love going but I am aware of the benefits and so for the sake of skinny I will go. Plus, it was an investment by my family and I am not going to waste their money.

So thank you to all who attended the party or gave me birthday wishes throughout the day. It was one of my most memorable birthdays ever!