Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Yo, Sorry about the delay. I think about updating this like every single day...but I don't.

First things first. Megan we miss you. Do your thang. Get yours!

Next: *News flash* I'm not very good at golf. Oh well, I guess I'll try to play more? You see I came to this realization this past weekend while celebrating UVSC's 3 day spring break. I went home to beautiful Alamo California and was able to spend a couple days out on the course with my dad. We had a good time but I really need some work.

Next: Holler if you hear me! I saw Jim Lee aka Bird Boy. That kid cracks me up. I have to think of the Master P song, "I Miss My Hommies." Cause I do. Look, this is how it is these days:
1. Jim Lee (Bird Boy)- lives in SF
2. Justin Wilde (Taco)- Lives in North Carolina
3. Spencer Evans (The Real Dilly)-Connecticut right? Working for the FB Aight!
4. Matt Coons (Judge Wapner)- Now in LA
5. Matt McCasline (Snip)- Up in Oregon. Portland I think.
6. Mark Dalecki (Thee Doctor MD)- Who knows. Salt Lake is my best guess.
7. Robb MacDonald (El Guapo)- He is in Provo
8. Shayne Thueson (Rasta)- Provo as far as I know.

I think that covers it. All my boys are gone or not in contact. It is sad. I really miss you dudes. Hence, Holler if you hear me!
Peace Out

Monday, March 14, 2005


Ok, so here are the haps. This past weekend I ended up in Jackson, WY. I was invited to help judge a regional snowboarding tournament. I have done 4 other tourneys and was inroduced into the game by John Recalde, my roomates older brother and fellow soccer buddy. It has been pretty fun. This was the biggest tournament I have been involved with. The people in charge put us up in a hotel in Jackson, paid us $400, paid for our meals, gas, and gave us comped passes.

Jackson Hole Ski Resort is a fun mountain. It is steep, I'm talking straight up and down. It is a strange to look back off the lift and see a perfectly flat valley below. It is like the mountain just shoots up out of no where. This is a cool part of their website. (Dead Link)  It has 360` photos and video of the resort. It is a fun mountain to ride, that's for sure.

It takes me back to Rick's College, now BYU-Idaho, when Jim Lee, Matt Coons, Mark Dalecki, Dave Beck, and I took a little bus ride to Jackson Hole and spent the day rooting some serious core, peeling the mountain, and basically spreading the Lopez mentality throughout the resort. I have only one picture that proves we where there but it is worth a thousand words.

Have a good day and keep it posted, I'll try to keep you entertained.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

This is what family is.

Krista thank you for your poem. I love you. I love all of my sisters with an eternal supply of love. I have parents that love me more than life. For this bond, relationship, love...I can not be thankful enough to God. I have been blessed beyond measure and am indebted to Him forever. I don't know what I did to be so very lucky.

Here is a Poem by my sister Krista entitled "For My Brother"


I know these poems
I wrote them too once
You feel so low
It’s a way to let go
You hurt, you’re confused
At that very moment there is nothing to lose
I look back now at what made me so sad
And I think to myself, “I remember that hurting so bad”
But now the pain is gone
Life has moved on
You know it always does.

But when I read your stories
It instigates all my worries
The tears start flowing
And my heart starts mourning
I sit here wanting you hold you
To cry with you, or for you
To do anything to help you
I sit here wanting to let you know
That I DO know the worth of your soul
My brother, the one who has loved me so much
My friend, the one I want to meet up with for lunch
An example of someone not afraid to feel
A person who has enough courage to heal
A son of whom my Dad can be proud
A student of life, not one of the crowd
A confidant, a lover, an ally, a friend
Someone who will just let me cry till my worries end,
Dedicated, trustworthy, and honorable
Can’t you see that you’ve got it all?

So when you are there feeling so low
Remember there is a little girl who loves you so
And even though I am not able to be there
Please kneel down and say a prayer
And right then I hope you will feel me say
“I’m loving you from just a little ways away”
I won’t hurt you or abandon your heart
For that I am much too smart
Because I know your love
And I hold you above
I know I am me because there was you
I know that because of you I will always be true
And you are always part of me
Because you were part of what I grew up wanting to be

Bubby, I hope you know
That so many girls will come and go
But someday the right one will come around and stay
And she will be a challenge and a beauty in your life every day
And she will see you the same way I do
She will be part of you too
And she will come, don’t you doubt
And then you will realize what all this time in between was about

But in the meantime you have 5 girls
Who all want to be a part of your world
Women who know you for what you are
Women who care about things like the name of your car
And we are here
To bring you great cheer
So in your times of pity and self-doubt
Please understand that I know what those times are about
And if you feel alone
You can call me, I will be home
And when you pray please hear me say
“I’m loving you from just a little ways away.”

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Radical Ideas?

I would like to thank the Daily Herald for helping ruin the education of 25,000 students. Your articles declaring UVSC’s non-community ways have destroyed our chances to upgrade our campus and make it a better place for the students and the community. I am failing to see how the legislature is caught up with UVSC not having it’s priorities in the right place. We want to build a LIBRARY!

Utah’s roads, evidently, are more important than the education of thousands…and we sit here and wonder why this state is in the condition it is in. Our teachers can’t afford to drive on the roads our legislators want to fix because they don’t pay them enough! Who has the core value issue? This was a state that was founded on principles of freedom, knowledge, and learning. The pioneers that settled this area wanted to be able to do what they wanted because people were suppressing them and not allowing them to follow their hearts. HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED!

Now, when a College wants to promote diversity in an area that desperately needs some serious culture, the “community” wants the heads of those in charge. This so-called community is full of hypocrisy. How did Kay Anderson, become voice of the community? He acts and talks like he’s the Mayor. I didn’t see him on the ballot. He speaks of the community backing him. Who is he talking about? How did he become the moral representative of the “community?” How can someone be so sheltered, against being open minded, freedom of speech, and the value of well roundedness and be considered a pillar of an upstanding community?

I would also like to thank BYU. Your honor code, which a fraction of you student body follows, has made UVSC look like the little red devil you want us to be. Let’s face it, this community bleeds blue. It is a cesspool of pride, short sighted, light minded, hypocrites. Any institution that boasts that, “The Universe is our Campus,” has a serious ego problem.

How has UVSC become a threat to the community and culture? Michael Moore came to present his side of the story. He thought that things in this country needed to change. He should have been able to come and express his views to a people who are willing to listen and evaluate what he says and make a decision based on what he said. We should have wanted to understand where the other side was coming from. We should have embraced him with arms outstretched. This country is based on hearing both sides of the story. Just because it may not be a side you want to hear doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be heard. That is soooooo ignorant.

The community we live in isn’t as shiny and moral as we would like to think. This “community” has had several child predators arrested in the past couple of months. The BYU football team has had its share of problems. Remember last summer when players were accused of violating drunken teenagers while watching porn? BYU has a huge gay population. I have heard from a gay male that he never has trouble finding a date at BYU. I see Cougs drunk at the bar on karaoke night. Remember Mark Hacking? He’s a local man accused of murdering his wife and unborn child. This is the same community that has at least 20 registered sexual predators. This is a state that spends over $5 billion less on education than the national average. And we want to build roads instead of libraries.