Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Radical Ideas?

I would like to thank the Daily Herald for helping ruin the education of 25,000 students. Your articles declaring UVSC’s non-community ways have destroyed our chances to upgrade our campus and make it a better place for the students and the community. I am failing to see how the legislature is caught up with UVSC not having it’s priorities in the right place. We want to build a LIBRARY!

Utah’s roads, evidently, are more important than the education of thousands…and we sit here and wonder why this state is in the condition it is in. Our teachers can’t afford to drive on the roads our legislators want to fix because they don’t pay them enough! Who has the core value issue? This was a state that was founded on principles of freedom, knowledge, and learning. The pioneers that settled this area wanted to be able to do what they wanted because people were suppressing them and not allowing them to follow their hearts. HOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED!

Now, when a College wants to promote diversity in an area that desperately needs some serious culture, the “community” wants the heads of those in charge. This so-called community is full of hypocrisy. How did Kay Anderson, become voice of the community? He acts and talks like he’s the Mayor. I didn’t see him on the ballot. He speaks of the community backing him. Who is he talking about? How did he become the moral representative of the “community?” How can someone be so sheltered, against being open minded, freedom of speech, and the value of well roundedness and be considered a pillar of an upstanding community?

I would also like to thank BYU. Your honor code, which a fraction of you student body follows, has made UVSC look like the little red devil you want us to be. Let’s face it, this community bleeds blue. It is a cesspool of pride, short sighted, light minded, hypocrites. Any institution that boasts that, “The Universe is our Campus,” has a serious ego problem.

How has UVSC become a threat to the community and culture? Michael Moore came to present his side of the story. He thought that things in this country needed to change. He should have been able to come and express his views to a people who are willing to listen and evaluate what he says and make a decision based on what he said. We should have wanted to understand where the other side was coming from. We should have embraced him with arms outstretched. This country is based on hearing both sides of the story. Just because it may not be a side you want to hear doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be heard. That is soooooo ignorant.

The community we live in isn’t as shiny and moral as we would like to think. This “community” has had several child predators arrested in the past couple of months. The BYU football team has had its share of problems. Remember last summer when players were accused of violating drunken teenagers while watching porn? BYU has a huge gay population. I have heard from a gay male that he never has trouble finding a date at BYU. I see Cougs drunk at the bar on karaoke night. Remember Mark Hacking? He’s a local man accused of murdering his wife and unborn child. This is the same community that has at least 20 registered sexual predators. This is a state that spends over $5 billion less on education than the national average. And we want to build roads instead of libraries.

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Krista said...

Amen Brother.