Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Yo, Sorry about the delay. I think about updating this like every single day...but I don't.

First things first. Megan we miss you. Do your thang. Get yours!

Next: *News flash* I'm not very good at golf. Oh well, I guess I'll try to play more? You see I came to this realization this past weekend while celebrating UVSC's 3 day spring break. I went home to beautiful Alamo California and was able to spend a couple days out on the course with my dad. We had a good time but I really need some work.

Next: Holler if you hear me! I saw Jim Lee aka Bird Boy. That kid cracks me up. I have to think of the Master P song, "I Miss My Hommies." Cause I do. Look, this is how it is these days:
1. Jim Lee (Bird Boy)- lives in SF
2. Justin Wilde (Taco)- Lives in North Carolina
3. Spencer Evans (The Real Dilly)-Connecticut right? Working for the FB Aight!
4. Matt Coons (Judge Wapner)- Now in LA
5. Matt McCasline (Snip)- Up in Oregon. Portland I think.
6. Mark Dalecki (Thee Doctor MD)- Who knows. Salt Lake is my best guess.
7. Robb MacDonald (El Guapo)- He is in Provo
8. Shayne Thueson (Rasta)- Provo as far as I know.

I think that covers it. All my boys are gone or not in contact. It is sad. I really miss you dudes. Hence, Holler if you hear me!
Peace Out

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tom mildenhall said...

Hey Caleb

What up it's Tom Mildenhall, I guess I didn't make it on your buddy list. I'm offended deeply. Like deep down where my weiner is. ha ha. what up? nice blog. Here is mine
come find my page and leave some randomness. i'm getting married...Bone In!!