Monday, March 14, 2005


Ok, so here are the haps. This past weekend I ended up in Jackson, WY. I was invited to help judge a regional snowboarding tournament. I have done 4 other tourneys and was inroduced into the game by John Recalde, my roomates older brother and fellow soccer buddy. It has been pretty fun. This was the biggest tournament I have been involved with. The people in charge put us up in a hotel in Jackson, paid us $400, paid for our meals, gas, and gave us comped passes.

Jackson Hole Ski Resort is a fun mountain. It is steep, I'm talking straight up and down. It is a strange to look back off the lift and see a perfectly flat valley below. It is like the mountain just shoots up out of no where. This is a cool part of their website. (Dead Link)  It has 360` photos and video of the resort. It is a fun mountain to ride, that's for sure.

It takes me back to Rick's College, now BYU-Idaho, when Jim Lee, Matt Coons, Mark Dalecki, Dave Beck, and I took a little bus ride to Jackson Hole and spent the day rooting some serious core, peeling the mountain, and basically spreading the Lopez mentality throughout the resort. I have only one picture that proves we where there but it is worth a thousand words.

Have a good day and keep it posted, I'll try to keep you entertained.


Anonymous said...

In case some of you didn't catch Caleb's terminology, I dug around and located the original glossary of terms (also found at

Root the Core: shred the face or groomed trail
Grummit: poser snowboarder
The Fakie: riding backwards
Switch: riding the fakie
Peeling the beaver: a railslide on any spikenard of snow
Spikenard: the peak of a jump, mountain, snow, wood, or metal
Go big: catch a lot of air
Getting vertical: to go big
Shred: to carve down the hill
Spanking the monkey: any kind of tail hit
Monkey: a spikenard

Anonymous said...

John is a hole