Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Charlie Bit Me

Watch both. They are both funny for their own reasons and each is less than a minute long.

Charlie Bit Me - Original

Charlie Bit Me - Remake

5 Rants

A few things have been on my mind recently that may or may not be blog worthy but nonetheless I will rant henceforth.

Why on earth is the US congress involved with the steroid issue in baseball? I see it as a vast waste of time and money for a bunch of elected officials so sit around and listen to testimony about whether or not Roger Clemens took steroids or HGH. Last time I checked Major League Baseball was a private enterprise and Congress was a Government entity. Neither, in my opinion, really have any business with each other on any level.

First of all where does Congress even get off saying they are people of high enough moral fiber to decide which players are “dirty” or to make a judgment call like this and say that what these players did was wrong? A bunch of dirty, corrupt politicians taking issue with something like this is an oxymoron and it makes me mad. Go spend my tax dollars on something better…like how to build a satellite that won’t fall out of orbit after a year…

I have started substituting my signature with “I’m Awesome” instead. Its way more fun to do and I’m pretty sure no one really cares. It reminds me of when Kara used to make checks out to King Poopers instead of King Soopers. As long as people are getting their money…AWESOME.

On the awesome topic, I was on SportsCenter Super Bowl week. I was in Scottsdale, where supers babes flock and reside, at the location where many of the ESPN shows were being filmed. I happened to have brought with me a sign I made. It simply reads: I’M AWESOME. Yes folks, I was one of those annoying people in the background…except I brought a little something to the table, vain self-promotion.

4.As for the Super Bowl, we will not speak of it.

I went to the NFL experience out at the UOP Stadium. It wasn’t as cool as I hoped it would be. It was more focused on making sure kids had fun. That is fine and all but what about the “never-has-been-wanna-bees?” I got skills! Had I been a little taller and a little faster, I could have made a name for myself. What about me? There were a few things that I was able to participate in; throwing footballs at different things. Let me say this: at each station, I executed with precision. I rolled out and hit the target dead center on the run, I avoided would be interceptors and hit my receiver both times, and I also held the Thursday record for throwing a football 56 mph. The guy at the station said I was the fastest he’d seen all day. I took a bit of joy in that but I would have liked to been a little kid so I could have played all the other games as well.

Have a great day people.