Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The most massive Spiknard EVER

Holy freaking giant spikenard, bird boy!

I'd Rather Be In Compton

I wore this shirt the day we went to Paris. We took the Eurostat train that goes about 180 mph. Down through the Chunnel we went...and back we came later that night! Thank you Krista for buying me the shirt, I'm sure the French loved it.

Stretta...the cutest little girl

We met this 4 year old darling on the train to manchester. She was so cute!

The Enzo

This sat outside a nearby hotel called the Dorchester, the presidential suite costs about $19000 a night.

Take this link and learn more about this machine...Ferrari Enzo

Tom, the author of Botrash.com, properly corrected me when I first posted this picture and said it was a Ferari F-50. Thank you for the correction Tom. I ain't scared to admit I was wrong...or to give credit where it is due!

Thursday, August 18, 2005