Saturday, June 04, 2011

Birthday Wishes!


I would also like a metal detector, you know, one that beeps when there is metal around. I don't want a crazy-fancy, next-gen, state-of-the-art one.
I thought that maybe if I actually ask for something for my birthday there is at least a chance of getting something. We will see if this works. Below are a set of links that take you to different gifts I would like to get at some time in my life. Check it out!

Kitchen Aid Pasta Attachment

The Essentials Books from Williams-Sonoma (I have the Essentials of Roasting)

A Few T-Shirts

My lists are never very long and hardly practical or affordable, that is why they are wishes!

Check back in case I add to it! :)

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Just a Random Post

I often have these random thoughts, or what I would consider random, but to you may be perfectly normal or absolutely space cadet sci-fi. But I figured that I would take a few minutes to share some of these thoughts with you. I mean, my blog is called Mental Foreplay. I should get you thinking a little bit right?

1. I often think about who the first person was to see a lobster and decide to eat it. Who in their right mind (and maybe that is the answer) would look at a lobster and think, "you know what, I bet that thing is delicious. If I boil it and dip it in melted butter I may be on to something..." What were the circumstances around that discovery? How desperate was that person? How hungry? Or was that person just an adventurous eater? And how come that didn't happen with Giraffes?

2. Here is a list of people that are just cool, Period.
* Lenny Kravitz - dude just has mad swag.
* Warren Miller - homeboy has been making ski and snowboard movies forever and he has kept it real the whole time.
* Justin Timberlake - I hat to admit it but the guy is hilarious and he brought sexy back.
* Mark Cuban - He owns the Mavs, they just won the Championship and he loves his players and his franchise.

3. Adding to the bucket list:
* Have a single that makes the Billboard charts. If its not lofty what's the point right?
* I also want to get scuba certified. That can go on my birthday post as well should you want to sponsor my scuba certification. :)

That's all I got. It felt like enough to make a post. Love you!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Girls are Dumb

So here is the deal. I see this super babe tonight at Applebee's. I caught her checking me out a couple of times, something I am totally OK with. Maybe she is looking at my ridiculous hair cut. Either way she was looking. So I get this idea in my head as follows:

Write her a note. Clever, witty, direct. "All I know is, You look like angels sing and I can do 20 push ups. ♥ Caleb" There is a picture of a stick figure doing push ups and her counting them off. Classic. PS Call me with my phone number. This note comes to her when her bill comes, already payed for. She shows it to her friends and they all giggle. I give her a nod of the head and raise my glass and smile. She smiles and returns the toast.

She gets up and sings her karaoke song with her friends. I get up and introduce myself and talk to her for just a brief moment. She is a little reserved, she says thanks and gets ready to leave with her friends. As she leaves I give the "call me' sign by poking my hand and making a phone.

Perfectly innocent and fun.

So here is my question, why isn't she ever going to call or text me? And the reason is because girls are dumb. Most girls I assume wouldn't ever call a guy if he gave them his number. Not because they don't want to call him but because it is a man's job to get her number, call and make the first move. Here is the problem with that, THAT WAS THE FIRST MOVE. Duh.

If I were to ask her for her number, she probably would have given it to me. Most girls give a guy their number, even if they don't want you to call or HOPE you don't call. Maybe he texts her a few times and she doesn't respond. Maybe he calls and leaves a message. Maybe you answer and the guy, that she doesn't even like but has her number now, asks her on a date. Maybe she lies and says something to avoid it. Or maybe she says yes even though she'd rather not. I don't know why they do that...probably because girls are dumb.

My point is, if I put in some effort to be creative, fun, unique, not creepy and you like it, call me. That's why I gave you my number. There is no shame in it. Its the right move. Ladies, take some notes. If a guy gives you his number it is because he wants you to call him if you are interested.

I understand that maybe this particular girl maybe didn't like me. I know that's not always the case and girls don't call out of principle. Don't be dumb.