Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Memoriam

As this move draws closer I am sad that I have to go. I like Arizona. I like the friends I have made, the family I have here,sibling lunches and judging cookie recipes, and the softball and soccer teams…all that stuff. It’s been a fantastic time.

I won’t always miss the 114 degree days we’ve been having but I’ll miss the monsoons that follow. The camping trips, shooting guns, rocking the quads, wakeboarding in March, scorpion hunting, floating the river, Mariokart on the big screen, karaoke, TNDC, trips to Utah, concealed weapons permits, Dashboard Confessional concerts,

The Waffle House at 2am, sporting events, driving with the windows down in December, and kicking it with my peeps... Needless to say I am sad to go. I would gladly stay if I had the ways or means but alas…I do not. I must go.

On to Utah. I make my journey in less than a week. I leave abruptly. I feel like I should be staying longer so I can say my last goodbyes. There always seems to be unfinished business.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm Moving! Yikes!

It has been some time since I have got my blog on. I thought I would give you a quick update up what is happening in the life of Caleb. It is my birthday tomorrow. I turn 29. scary.

The biggest news is that I am moving back to Utah at the beginning of the month. My time in Arizona has unfortunately come to an end. This makes me pretty sad because I have grown to love it here. I have many great friends and associates and my 2 loving sisters as well. I will miss sibling lunches. I loved being so close to you and getting to see you as often as I did. Now Brttiany and Kara won’t have reason to be so jealous.

The reason for the move is because I am in desperate need of employment and I have a company up there that is going to let me do work. I am going to be a Private Investigator. I worked with this company before I moved to Arizona and they said they woud be happy to have me back.

During my time in Utah I plan on expanding my skill set and taking some classes that will take me to the graphic design side of marketing. I need to learn how to use InDesign and Illustrator so I can be more marketable. It also opens other doors and resources. I will be able to once again judge snowboard competitions, maybe coach some soccer, and also reunite with some close friend whom I have missed while in the AZ.

I don’t look forward to moving and I am still hunting for a place to live. I never thought I’d move back to Utah. Not that it is all that bad of a place but it just wasn’t part of my plan…but then again neither was getting laid off. I’ll blog more, I don’t want to wear you out with all these words and no pictures.