Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In Memoriam

As this move draws closer I am sad that I have to go. I like Arizona. I like the friends I have made, the family I have here,sibling lunches and judging cookie recipes, and the softball and soccer teams…all that stuff. It’s been a fantastic time.

I won’t always miss the 114 degree days we’ve been having but I’ll miss the monsoons that follow. The camping trips, shooting guns, rocking the quads, wakeboarding in March, scorpion hunting, floating the river, Mariokart on the big screen, karaoke, TNDC, trips to Utah, concealed weapons permits, Dashboard Confessional concerts,

The Waffle House at 2am, sporting events, driving with the windows down in December, and kicking it with my peeps... Needless to say I am sad to go. I would gladly stay if I had the ways or means but alas…I do not. I must go.

On to Utah. I make my journey in less than a week. I leave abruptly. I feel like I should be staying longer so I can say my last goodbyes. There always seems to be unfinished business.


Britt said...

A pit just arrived in my stomach. What you say...Dashboard concerts? It seems to be our main topic of conversation lately. But there was no mention of concerts. I heard about one here once, but it was at some club that John got all wierd about because they don't follow fire code.... So, it is your job to make sure next time they are here, that I am going with you. I hope you are up to the challange.

Kara said...

That's because no matter what, there is always unfinished business. I hate moving, but there are good sides to it also. Like a fresh start, a new outlook, change. It's the only we can really grow. I know that you've already made it safe so here's to the memories to be made! You ARE awesome!!

Dallas and Krista said...

This made me sad! Not because you posted two absolutely hideous pictures of me, but because I MISS YOU! Wah.