Sunday, August 01, 2010

Summer Time!

I postponed my ankle fusion surgery that was supposed to happen in 4 days. It happened about a month ago, on the 3rd of July actually. The day was so enjoyable and fun that I convinced myself I could put off the surgery for a couple more months in order to have a little bit more fun.

Everything has been going according to plan...except the part where I forgot that it meant being in more pain. Its manageable I guess. The most frustrating part is not being able to execute what my mind knows its been able to do in the past.

For example, I was trying to play softball a couple weeks ago and while I am still good enough to hang in there and handle my business, my range and mobility have suffered irreparable damage. My brain says, you got that grounder to the left or that pop out foul ball and then I go to take a step and a flood of pain and I can't get there. My my responds much faster than my body can. I still have a great arm and solid bat but I can hardly run the bases and I become a liability. Its probably the most annoying thing about the situation.

All in all though I really have been enjoying myself. Provo in the summer is actually more fun than you would expect. Real Salt Lake games, fireworks displays, rope swings, camping, fire pits, grilling, playing catch, giant water slides, golf, road trips, summertime movies, parties, and the list goes on. I am going to try and live it up before I have 4-5 months of recover from this impending surgery. I don't know when the date is yet but probably looking at October. So there is still some time and I look forward to it, in pain or not.

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Cortney said...

Such a trooper! Sorry you're hurting so bad. October will be here soon!