Thursday, August 26, 2010

Naming my Baby

I have found that getting my new vehicle has caused me to dig a little deeper and has brought about new challenges in life that may prepare me for some kind of relationship one day.

For example.

1) I have, a good word for it is coasted, the past couple of years in a job that, while I have been there, enjoyed and learned, but found myself under employed and just getting by. The car has caused me to seek better, more lucrative employment and bring about a new grown spurt my marketing career.

2) Number One has caused me to realize that this car is my new longest relationship. I have a 75 month commitment thrust upon me, which I don't mind because it has caused me to get my butt in gear. (one of the big reasons I decided to purchase)

3) Because of #2 and my new found commitment, I have to take good care of it. I realize that this is here for the long haul and I need to treat it right.

Most importantly, today I took it on a little mini-expedition in the hills behind where I live. (Its full of dirt trails that wind their way about. Now in light of #3, I was being very careful not to over exert us.) But I found out during this off road rant that my vehicle is a Girl! I found myself saying, "oh She does so well!" "She drives like its asphalt."

This brings me to my point...I have to name this girl.

I'm not yet sold on any of these names and something may just come to me one day. But so far, here are the ones I have kinda narrowed it down to and the reasons why.
*Bianca, which means white, is also the name of one of the moons that orbits Uranus. Plus you can yell, 'Come on B!' and its OK.
*Faith, I will need some in order to keep her.
*Hannah, I like the name and if you can get past Montana, the Hebrew word "Hannah" has many meanings and interpretations, including "beauty" and "passion" both are qualities she possesses.
*Victoria, named of course for victory, and being a Goddess back in the day. Plus, she's a vampire, Queen of England, a Beckham, and this cute blonde girl I used to know that played soccer.
*Serena, they are built the same way, solid. Plus, the Williams sister is often wearing white on the court.

Let me know what you think. There is a picture below in my last post so you can see her. She looks like an angel in the sun light. She's got every possible option, she's fully loaded to say the least.



James said...

I like the name "Faith" the best. Otherwise you could go with "Bhaktidayini", which is a Sanskrit name for girls meaning "giver of dedication, devotion".

Kara said...

I like Bianca. I would end up calling her 'B' for sure. 'What up B?' 'Let's do this B.' 'Holla B!' All the greats have the nickname B, for example, Beyonce, Barentsen and Bradli (the name of my car)! haha

Dallas and Krista said...

Bianca. I agree with Kara all and all.

Dallas and Krista said...

my car has no name... sad.