Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Recap

I thought it was going to be Adam, Danny, and Alicia as the final 3. Kris came out of nowhere. I thought Adam was a better performer and had a better overall season, Kris had a better last 2 weeks. (you know Americans with our short attention spans)

I may be reading too far into the results but there is also a dynamic I am interested in. Rumors abound that Adam is gay. Kris is married. I wonder if America voted partially based on that. I know some people who voiced that it was an issue. And if people didn't vote for Adam because of the rumors or voted for Kris because they didn't want Adam to win because of those rumors is interesting. I'll just leave it at that. You can try and figure out what that means.

I didn't vote during the finale. Personally, I think Adam should have won and I was surprised when he didn't.

What I did get out of the finale is that Kara DioGuardi is just as hot as I initially thought. She's a bit egotistical but I find that sexy...along with her smokey eyes and pink lipstick and homegirl can SING! I only rewound the DVR once to see her in her black bikini. She's way hotter than the AI Bikini Girl. Its not even a contest.


brittany said...

I think it's because simon opened his big mouth and basically told us who should win. people like to vote for the underdog.

plus everyone knows that adam will be a "star" from here on out. he will have no problem getting a record deal. and I thought he seemed a little smug, while Kris is humble, which I personally liked better.

oh, and also, it drove me nuts when adam would stick out his tongue to sing those crazy notes. other than that, I thought he was great.

(I wasn't a die hard watcher--I didn't see all the shows, just here and there. But some of my very favorite perfomances were adam--tracks of my tears and mad world especially)

MacDonald Family said...

I agree with all the stated comments. I thought Adam was just a better preformer. But Robb will vote for any man who does NOT wear eyeliner. I think some Americans are a bit traditional when it comes to men wearing makeup.