Saturday, May 02, 2009

Heaven Here by Dashboard Confessional

This song has nothing to do with my current situation. Its not in reference to the weather we've been having here in Utah. The seasons keep fighting with each other to see who's turn it is and a winner has yet to be determined.

Is it possible for a song to REMIND you of an event that hasn't happened? Isn't that a paradox? I can't be reminded of a future memory. So let me try and put it another way. This song, to me, represents how I hope to feel. I want this song played at my wedding reception. It seems so appropriate for that situation.

The lyrics are so hopeful. I can imagine feeling this way on my wedding day, being at the reception and for some reason this song encapsulates the events and feelings that should be taking place. "We are the only ones who feel it." Its all about me and my sweetheart.

Maybe it can mean something for you too. Enjoy.

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