Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Hot Link

OK people. I have posted a few pictures on another site and can't seem to get them on mine right now so I will provide a couple of links for you.

This first picture is from our crazy rafting expeition where a watery grave was inviting us to stay. Yet, we came out mostly victorious with only scratches and stories of pure glory and triumph. What made it all worth it you ask? The 15 spectators on their lunch break who saw us take this...Oh Yeah!

Here is the video of the madness. 

The next picture is related to a picture below while I was at the US vs Costa Rica game. I was celebrating the soon to be goal of Landon Donovan's. I watched the whole thing unfold...

As for me I have been working at a soccer camp this week. I have 10 nine and ten year old boys that I oversee. It is a blast and relatively easy money for all of the money ima get. Holler!


brittany said...

Holy cow! that's you! Awesome pics!!!

your mom. said...

Pffft. nice little waterfall, there. My white water rafting trip looks like it was WAY better than YOUR white water rafting trip. :) and also, your mom goes to college.