Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's Back! Kareoke Night

There was a group of people last summer that used to frequent a local bar. Not to drink but to sing. Atchafalya is a local pub in Provo that caters those who have the courage to get on stage and sing songs in front of a crowd. Or to those who are too drunk to care. Either way it proves to be a great night of entertainment. It used to be free but then they started charging money to get in so we stopped going. But it has been too long and I have a deep yearning to perform.

Here is a list of songs I have sung at Kareoe night.

*Santeria-Sublime *Dirty Diana-Michael Jackson
*Hotel California-The Eagles *Screaming Infidelities-Dashboard Confessional *Sperfreak-Rick James (RIP) *Down Low-R Kelly
*Faith-George Michael *Let's Get It On-Marvin Gaye
*Nuthin But a G Thang-Dr. Dre *Business-Eminem
*Anything For Love-Meatloaf

Who knows what will be next. Will it be Let her Cry, by Hootie and the Blowfish or maybe How Do You Want It, by 2Pac (RIP)

I am planning a most radical expedition on the Downtown Provo River. Jim and Justin may remember our last adventure...this is going to be on a much grander scale. Last time we pulled off the chinciest raft ride since the senior picinic.

The river is really rushing. The Deer Creek Resevior is full, so all of the excess water is being pushed down the provo river. Our goal is to set in up at vivian park and finish somewhere past Deseret Industries. There are 2 huge water falls that we are going to try to navigate. It is going to be INSANE! Maybe there will be pictures.


spencer said...

hey man i got a one of tom's do you post a link on this i have video posted ont eh web that i want to link on my blog...but i can't figure out how to do it

Caleb Reeve said...

I went to your site and it looks like you have everything figured out. Maybe I am not fully understanding your question. if this is the case give me a call 801-787-1082-caleb