Thursday, October 13, 2005

Most Recently

Well, since I have posted anything of substance recently I thought it was time to do so. I think bullets are the best way for this.

* I just got a job with Provo Canyon School as a courier. My job, basically, is to take the kids at the school to doctor and dentist appoinments, or to and from the airport. Along with some random paper work here and there that is what I do. It is pretty laid back and the people I work with are good people. I like it so far.

* I am a sporting fool. A couple of weeks ago I played 4 softball games, a soccer game, and a flag football game. Needless to say I am a dominant force. I hit about .600 in softball and would probably win a gold glove at any of the 4 positions I play. In soccer I command the field from goal. Earning a shutout in a 12-0 win over the #1 ranked team in the upper division. In football, as quarterback, I threw 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, ran for a TD, and caught a TD pass. I threw for over 200 yards. Ok so that was cocky but what else do I have to brag about? Honestly, I'm a single, 26 yr old, college graduate with 2 part-time jobs, and no girlfriend or social life to speak of. So let me boast in the glory of my God given athletic ability. It is really all I have at the moment. And then I realize that intramurals and city league is nothing to brag about...

* I went to Tom's Wedding. I saw Jim there. I love them. I handed Tom a CD with the song Pony on it so he could filfill his Lopez obligations.

* I have all kinds of sweet ideas for companies and absolutley ZERO ways of making any money off of them. It is frustrating. I need some street cred or a company. I need some way to sell these ideas to these companies.

* I love women. But I would be totally comfortable changing that phrase to "a woman." I wouldn't mind falling in love.

That's it.


brittany said...

stupid spam!

That was a very good update for a long lost sister in New England. Let me know if I can help you accomplish any of your worthy goals. I have a marketing job for you that you would be so great at--only I can't pay you. Stupid money!

I have a girl for you, but you know how set-ups always work. Stupid love!

kara said...

It'a about freakin' time you updated this piece of crap of a blog!! ha ha. Congrats on your new job! Let me know when you want to come out to Colorado and start a new...I'm ready. Perhaps the co-ed soccer teams out here might a little more of a challege for you, in more ways than one!! I miss you, I can't wait to see you, you fart face!

Jessa said...

Brittany has turned me on to reading your blogs.... too funny. Although the other sports don't mean much to me, the soccer game sounded great. I don't know about all that domaineering of the field from the goal. Offense is pretty valuable, too. (I played through h.s. and college - offense)You should move East. You could live with Britt and play soccer with me! Keep writing, I enjoy reading!:)

botrash said...


i'm glad someone is playing sports...the rest of us are just sitting around getting fat, ok mostly just justin, but we can all live through your exploits.
thanks for the CD...


McCasline said...


I know a guy in Utah that is ...last I heard...a headhunter...he's got the hookups and may be able to help you put those ideas of yours to work.

Call him...tell him McCasline sent you.

Brian Barker
(801) 785-1902