Thursday, July 21, 2005

Abuse of the Elderly

I am so disgusted by this story that I had to share it with all of you. It is a story of greedy manipulative people that abuse the elderly and take advantage of their situation. It is a true story, please read it.

My grandmother is 87; she has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and is shortly going in for radiation treatment. My grandfather is older than she is, has Alzheimer’s and does not have a driver's license. He has been buying Ford products literally since the Model-T Ford. His whole life he has been a die-hard Ford enthusiast.

My grandmother went to the Chapman Lincoln dealership in Scottsdale Arizona to get her 2001 Navigator some routine service. While at the dealership, she was approached by a salesman who cunningly subjected her to a divisive sales pitch. During this time, 2 other salespeople joined in and manipulated her into buying a brand new $50,000 Navigator. She even told these people that she had been diagnosed with cancer and that she was going in for treatment. That would not sway them. She was manipulated into signing a contract and forced into a binding agreement to pay for this new car.

Now, in order to pay for this car she has been forced to take cash out of her money market account to avoid the horrific interest rates and payments on her car of over $600/month. Lord willing she lives long enough to make the payments. Since that time in late June, in fact, just days later her old car was sold off the lot and she was not able to get it back.

Do car salesmen really wonder why they are hated so much? Please for my sake and the sake of my now poor, old grandmother help me do something about it. Please send this to everyone you can. I am trying to get people aware that there are those out there that are preying on the elderly, taking their money and ruining their lives.

I can’t do it alone. I need your help to make this right. Call them. Fax them. Tell your friends. Email them. Pass this on. Write them a letter. Boycott Ford products…anything at all. This is truly a disgusting display of humanity. The people responsible need to help accountable.

Chapman Lincoln Mercury
1330 E. Camelback Rd
Phoenix, Arizona 85014
Fax: (602) 274-2042
Sales: (602) 850-9007
Toll Free: (866) 522-2777

My name is Caleb Reeve and this is a true story. And to you who did this, I hope the commission was worth your soul.


brittany said...

I can't believe this happened, the scoundrels. I hadn't heard this story, and was extra surprized when I realized that you were talking about my own Grandmama. Have you done anything? (besides exploit the lousy varments?)

Anonymous said...

i felt really bad wen i read this,cant believe tht sum1 wld do this to an old lady.its sick.-s

Aiva said...

That pisses me off. I'm sending this story to everyone on my email list.

Down with car dealers! Bring me my pitchfork and torch!

(Seriously, I am going to send it to everyone on my email list)

Anonymous said...

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