Friday, December 14, 2012

Gun Control - What Can Be Done?

Here are some of my thoughts on the Gun Control issue from the past.  As always I have kept an open mind and heart to the whims and rhetoric of both sides of the issue as events occur.

What has happened today, events just this year, and also in the past years, have been terrible, atrocious, and horrific. I do not condone them. I am pained by the actions of these people who commit heinous acts of violence, especially towards innocent children. My heart hurts for the loss of life.  I love children.  It is so sad to me that someone could do something like this.

This person was obviously disturbed.  As have been the people who have committed these violent acts in the past.  I have yet to see a responsible, level headed, gun owner go on a shooting rampage and kill dozens of innocent people.  To me, it is similar to drunk driving.  There are people out there who are responsible when they drink.  They have a designated driver, they call a cab, they limit their consumption.  It is the same with gun owners.  Some, unfortunately and tragically, decide to abuse the powers they have been given.  It is so with guns and these mass shooting we have seen recently.

I don't think guns should be outlawed entirely.  That is not what needs to happen.  I think a better screening process and training could be put in place.  Something similar to a driver's license could be issued that needs to be renewed annually or biannually.  It would list what guns you own.  A test would look at different factors relating to gun laws. i.e.

  • What are the local laws that regulate gun use in your Town, City, State? 
  • Knowledge about what federal laws regulate gun ownership?   
  • Can a person demonstrate that they can use a gun properly? (I think a field test should be necessary as well.)

Or maybe another option is that in order to own a firearm of any kind you must belong to an official militia.  This militia would be governed by laws created by congress and enforced by the ATF or another responsible government entity.  It would not be something where meeting the qualifications is nearly impossible but something a reasonable person can sign up for.  They can assemble for regular meetings, trainings and where local issues could be discussed.  It also satisfies the literal definition of the 2nd Amendment.  In addition, there may come a time when we have to defend ourselves FROM our own government if there is ever severe oppression.  The 2nd Amendment speaks to that as well.

It is for these reasons I argue that guns should not be outlawed completely but well regulated in a manner that doesn't create an impossible set of requirements but shows dedication, appreciation and respect for weapons that can cause such tragedies as the one we have seen today.

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