Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Virginia Tech and Gun Control

Today hundreds of protests were held across the country to make people aware of the year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shooting. These protestors laid on the ground for 3 minutes to represent the time it took for the guy who shot up the place to buy a gun.

I don’t think that “gun control” is the answer…to anything. It may cause more problems than is solves. When it comes down to it crazy people, that are going to shoot up a school or place of business, are just crazy people. Motivated crazy people are going to find guns one way or another. There really isn’t an effective or reasonable way to control that.

Let’s face it; MOST of the people that buy guns do so for perfectly legitimate reasons. MOST people buy guns for recreation or personal protection. MOST people who buy guns are responsible. MOST people hope they never have to use a gun to protect themselves. It is my guess that MOST the people who legally get concealed weapons permits are not the people you have to worry about shooting places up. When you go about the legal process, you are trained, your background is checked, your finger prints taken; its not really a process someone who plans on breaking the law and killing a bunch of people would go through. I’d like to see some statistics about homicides committed by those with a CWP and people with out.

Codes of Conduct and rules at Virginia Tech said that guns were not allowed on campus. So when that was passed over a year before the shooting, law-abiding citizens and students wouldn’t have guns on campus…just the people that didn’t care for the rules. Did you ever think that if those ‘gun control’ had not been there someone legally carrying a gun on campus might have blasted that dude before he killed so many unarmed innocent people? I carried a gun legally on campus when I was at school. Luckily nothing ever went down where I had to use it. Just thought I would bring it up as something to think about.


WELCOME said...

I heard that!! there was even an article in the UV paper how powerful you felt carrying a gun at school. i still remember hanging it on our wall of fame. I agree with you dog, cuz look what happened to that fool in SLC, he was stopped by an undercover cop in less than a minute. I guarantee a VT won't happen at the U! just don't flash it, right?!

Kara said...

I agree. I think that the people who go through the correct process are usually not a threat. It is the illegal guns that is the problem and, of course, the crazy people. How do you fix that?

It's kind of like immigration. I don't care if you're here as long as you've come here legally and gone through the process that is put there for a reason.

leah said...

Hey Caleb,
I found your blog from Punj and Jamie's and I thought this post was interesting. It seems like today normal sane people need to be able to carry to protect themselves from the wackos. I agree. hope you are doing well.