Thursday, May 01, 2008

Mariokart Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

When I first went in with my roommate to purchase a Nintendo Wii, my first question was, “when does Mariokart come out?” That day arrived and it was worth the year long wait.

What a fantastic game. I love it.

The game came out Sunday morning at midnight. So we waited at Wal-Mart for the clock to strike twelve. We rushed home and played a few games. The next night we invited a bunch of people over to play. (You can play with up to 4 people at one time.) Everyone got a turn.

Monday rolled around and last time I checked I didn’t have a job. So I woke up and got to playing it. I literally played all day. A day has never passed so quickly. I think that is a bad thing because you can sit down and play for hours and not even know it.

Well let me tell you what…I knew it on Tuesday! I almost burned my eyeballs off. I have never seen them so bloodshot in my life. I felt bad for doing that to myself. Clear Eyes and Visine couldn’t get the job done. Terrible.

It doesn’t help that we are able to project the game on to an 8-foot screen with a hi-def projector. So Mario and Luigi are literally life-size. It’s awesome. Another new feature is that you can play online again up to 11 other racers from around the country or the world. So there I am screaming at some Japanese guy who ran into a guy from England and knocked me off the track. Of course they can’t hear me but the emotion and passion are real as ever. It feels good beating an international field of gamers who are probably just little kids. I guess its better to think that I am racing people my own age. I am comforted in knowing that at least you play people who have a similar ranking as you. So regardless of age they are supposedly the same skill…but that doesn’t really settle the soul either.

I love it. If you have one and play online ever, get at me and we can be friends and race each other online. AWESOME!


Kara said...

Dude, I got to get in on that! Anything that has the word Mario in it I'm all over!!

English Rose said...

What happened to the job Caleb? Come live in Houston - it's awesome


Dallas & Krista said...

That was so funny- i thought were sick, but no. You just had Mario Cart Eye. I still want to come ply sometime!

Buffy Dayton said...

You are a clown. Good to see an update on you.
I loved the inapropriate costume from the JTimberlake skit.


The Beck's said...

It was 1997 last time it went down like that. Pineview, N64. Nobody attended class for a week. Ricockulous!