Wednesday, December 19, 2012

On Gun Control - Potential Enhancements

I'm just spitballing here. I own a gun, I am a reasonable person, so I am throwing out some ideas that could potentially help.

I mentioned a couple of ideas in my last post that could help as well.  This included written and field testing to ensure people know the laws and can effectively operate the firearm they are purchasing.  I also suggested a requirement to possible join a properly formed and certified militia that would help in these training processes and address the issues of safety, proper storing and use of firearms.

Here are a few other ideas that I am not opposed to.

States could give their teachers the option to conceal carry a firearm for their protection and the safety of their students. Additional funding could be provided as well for armed security or law enforcement at each school.

Gun control could be more like cars. Guns could have a title with them. So when you sell a firearm to someone, the title is transferred as well.  There is documentation of the sale/purchase.  I line of ownership can determined, traced and followed.

There could also be a potential governing body, probably the ATF, that would house a central database for these transactions.  Laws could be put in place if guns are sold improperly.

The background checks could search deeper than they do.  There could be something similar to the No Fly List for guns or the sex offender registry.  A place where people can go to see if who is on that list. This would be effective for people at gun shows who are selling guns privately.

I understand that this won't solve the problem. Aliases, fake IDs, dishonest people could all find ways around this. Look at Mexico, they have tighter gun laws than we do and yet criminals and cartels, all the people you don't to have guns, somehow have them.  But we can take steps to try and do something.  I don't think any reasonable, responsible gun owner wants innocent people to be slain, by any weapon, especially guns.

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