Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday on Antigua

I woke up a bit earlier than usual because we had some business to handle. I met up with Drew, Cazzie, Robb and Jim for a quick breakfast and headed for the town to find a cab.

We jumped in a van and headed to a golf course. We all rented clubs and carts and started off. This course was pretty fun or maybe it was the company, probably both.

We basically had the place to ourselves and that's always nice when you play in a 5-some, something I have never done before.

There was a lot of elevation on these holes which provided for some lovely views.

We joked and played and rode around the course without a care in the world, including our scores. I think I beat out Jim by one stroke to win the match...though weren't really playing against each other. We played 9 holes and decided to call it quits at that point so we could meet up with the others over at Darkwood Beach.

Darkwood is a beach I visited last time I was on this island with my family in 2006. Its a gorgeous white sand, calm watered beach. The best part about it is that there aren't any people there. Well, hardly any.
The water is warm, the sand is soft and there is a little place that serves food from hot dogs to ribs. This day was particularly interesting because a man named Timmy Love, a supposed reggae star was filming a video on the beach. It was a small production, not enough to ruin the peace and tranquility of the beach. It was just enough to keep you entertained as he repeated "I am the Greatest," about a million times. I found this link to give you an idea of what we are dealing with. The video isn't out yet but when it is you can bet I will post it so you can get a better idea of where we were.

We met up with our ride back to the ship. His name was Rough Neck. This was the same driver we had back in 2006. I had talked to the cabbie that took us to the golf course and to Darkwood whether he knew Rough Neck. He did and I arranged it so Mr. Neck would come pick us up. My friends were a little hard on me for making such a big deal but it was a fun little moment for me.

Sailing out of Antigua is a beautiful thing. The island claims to have a different beach for every day of the year. As you sail away you can see many of them. We drifted off into the sea. Ate another fabulous dinner. Our server Ali figured out at some point that he should just start bringing out a few extra main dishes and extra desserts. It was the beginning of the end.

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