Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Next Day

So I mentioned that we spent the day at Trunk bay on Easter Sunday. We spent that night at dinner talking about the good old days, rehashing stories we've told a hundred times but still tell because they are still funny and everyone has a different take on what exactly happened.

Monday we arrive in St. Maartin. This island has a French side and a Dutch side. Most people decided to go to the beach and hang out. I had different plans. I walked out the gate and found myself some suspect looking fellows that said they would take me to a place to rent a scooter. This of course is after they asked me several times if I had everything I needed to "party." So one guy yells at another guy and he runs off for a minute. He comes back in a little red car and tells me to get in. Why not? He drives me a few minutes away to a scooter/atv store where I get my rental on. I spent the day driving around the island taking in the sights and sounds and beaches that Maartin and Martin had to offer.

The first beach was right by the airport. It felt like you could jump and touch a plane that was landing. It was pretty cool. I came across a bus and while driving a scooter snapped this picture because I found it surprisingly enjoyable. (there are no train tracks on this island.)

I drove most the rest of the island at that point just checking the different roads and vistas. There were some gorgeous beaches.

I stopped at a beach on the French side called Orient Bay. It was a clothing optional beach. I found a little spot away from everyone and got into the water and shed my trunks. Let me tell you that skinny dipping in the ocean is quite liberating.

On my way back to return the scooter I crested this hill and if I had a camera other than my cell phone I would have been able to capture the beauty of this place. There was a little shack on the top of this hill right off the road where I relaxed for a few minutes and drank a Coke. This shack had 2 men "working" there. One was laying in a hammock and the other was just chilling out behind an old tattered ply wood counter top. Dudes just living with out a care.

I got back to the ship a little burned on the arms but all in all in good shape. We hit up dinner, went to a show and everyone followed me to the karaoke spot. I had expressed my intention and excitement to sing. So I submitted my song and got called up. I gave a rousing rendition of "Let's Get It On" by Marvin Gaye. The people on this cruise ship had no idea what I was bringing to the table. As the song, progressed the crowd swelled...and swelled. I put on a show the best I could. I sang an encore song. "That's What Friends Are For" by Dion Warwick and dedicated it to the 6 married couples I was cruising with. I got the crowd really excited and they sang the chorus with me the best they could. I loved every second of it.

More to Come!

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gusDon said...

A note on the life of an honest and fascinating... Is not life it is! Take a photo, too, there's always a great thing and also annoying at the same time, but enjoy and through it with a happy heart! Life is wonderful!

The pictures are very nice I was amazed at all!