Thursday, May 05, 2011

Friends and Cruises

Friendship is a strange and glorious thing. When it is right and true and real, nothing can top it. I joined up with some old friends for a 7 Day cruise around the Caribbean last week. I spent grades 6-12 with most of these guys. The roots run deep. I haven't seen some of them for 10 years.

And Yet...

I can get on a boat, sit down with these dudes, whose lives have gone 6 different directions over the last 15 years, and its like we haven't missed a step. I find it fascinating that though we haven't spent more than a handful of days together in a decade or more its like nothing has changed in our love for each other. We're just good and its great. It is simply amazing and wonderful.

There were 13 of us on this Celebrity Cruise.

Six of my best friends and their wives and me! One of the great things about the group, besides the wives all somehow being great friends, we were all perfectly fine going out as a big group or individually. It was a great dynamic.

Besides the reminiscing with each other we had a great time. How can you not when there are perfect beaches, perfect weather and delicious dinners 2 entrees at a time.

The first day we cruised into St. Thomas. Most of us took a water taxi over to St. John and visited the lovely Trunk Bay.

A place full of beautiful water and snorkeling. It was gorgeous. This is a stock photo and it was at least this nice.

I'm gonna break this vacation into pieces so I can have a better reason to blog over the next few days. So come back soon and catch up with the next few days of the cruise.

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