Thursday, May 13, 2010

Songs from the Past, Presently

I was just listening to some songs off the old iPod and I find it amazing that a song can bring a specific and often distant memory to the forefront of the mind. So with that inspiration I am going to rattle off a few song that, every time I hear them, bring me to some place or some person somewhere in the past.

Lydia O – Milkshake – Kelis I don't know how this came to be but with out doubt Lydia pops into my mind. Maybe its the video... On occasion I will send her a text when it comes on.

Brooke T – Right Thurr – Chingy I was waaaaay into this girl and during that time period this song became popular on the airwaves. At times when we were together we would hear this song and just dig it together and laugh at the lyrics, “Gimme what you got for a pork chop, she threw it at me like I was short stop, twerkin in a fatty girl halter top, then she backed it up for and let it drop.” IT still makes me laugh a little when ever I hear it.

Brooke Reeve Sampson – Look Away – Chicago On some ski lift when I was about 8, Brooke and I were alone on the lift. This song was a smash hit but our comedic genius and maybe somewhat inspired by Weird Al's brilliance and popularity came up with alternate words to the chorus. “If you see me walking my dog and it goes poo-pee on me, run away, baby run away. Because the smell is so intense, it will drive you into a fence, run away, baby run away. Don't come near me, I don't want you to smell me this way.” Amazing I know.

Kacie C – Groovy Kind of Love – Phil Collins Kacie was one of the first girls I actually REALLY liked when I got home from my mission. She was a local Orem girl that had some sort of spell on me. I once took her to the top of Squaw Peak on a date and watched Gone in 60 Seconds on a laptop in the back seat of my Jeep. Maybe influenced by Jim Lee's Tactics of Awkwardness (he should write a book) it was my goal to NOT make out with up there. And I didn't! I don't know how this song and this girl came together but there you have it.

Nicole S – Dusk and Summer – Dashboard Confessional I have posted about her in the past and specifically mentioned this connection before. The story can be found here and the poem inspired by the song here.

Sara B – Saints and Sailors – Dashboard Confessional Sara was a girl from back home around the way. She was a few years younger than me and went to a different church ward and school. We never really got acquainted until after my mission. She came out to Utah and I fell for her. She inspired several poems after I felt she made me feel like I was only the guy that was there to get her acclimated to the area. She had a hold on me though. “ You smile like a saint but you curse like a sailor and your eyes say the jokes on me.” That's how she was and I loved it.

Dalee M - Freak Like Me - Adina Howard, This song comes on now and again on my iPod and this one time it came on and a wife of one of my best friends heard it and was totally singing along and told me how she and her girls used to love this song back in the day. What makes it memorable is that I never expected her to have that background in music. I think is surprised her hubby too. Either way its funny to me and it deserves to make the play list.

Family Trips – Milli Vanilli, George Micheal, Abba's Greatest Hits Volume 2 and Eric Carmen's Make Me Lose Control. Family vacations took place regularly at my house and so many times music was involved in the car ride. Milli Vanilli was on a road trip to Bar Harbor Maine. George Micheal was the 1988 Reeve Family Reunion in Missouri. We'd sing all his songs that came on the radio (which was ALL THE TIME), we didn't complain, just sang along. Abba, there isn't a specific trip in mind but needless to say it traveled with us on more than one occasion. Make Me Lose Control was Branson Missouri...maybe 1988 again. I remember hearing this song on a tree covered winding road on the way to Silver Dollar City (had to look it up).

Shout out to the internet and youtube for making it so easy to link to these songs. I was watching War Games last night (1983) and research was so HARD! We have it so easy these days.

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