Friday, May 07, 2010

Random Humor on the Trip

The ferocious FeMullet was spotted at the Atlanta Airport on my way home and I had to take a picture of it.

This was from a bar outside the Emirates Stadium Underground stop.

And this is the layout of one of the Barcelona Airport Terminals. HA! Its like an Austin Powers joke waiting to happen.

And to continue with the theme for a moment more. This is something that belongs on the Jay Leno show headlines segment.

This was a motorized sweeper that the Barca Airport.

Okay, this doesn't look funny from here there is a story behind it. This is another monument to Christopher Columbus. When we walked by the next day someone had hung a poster on one of the doors of this monument of a Native American with a headdress and everything saying something to the effect of, "you stole my land." Funny because if the 2 weren't paired together there is no humor.

On the tour bus we saw this sign. Apparently you either have to have an entire burger or no burger, just make sure its not a partially eaten burger.

This sign, a few blocks outside of Neu Camp Stadium, is awesome because of its blatant message. Its not saying DON'T play soccer, but that it is inevitable, so be careful.

I thought this was random...why they gotta be naked with the bull? What's the point?

This was great. In the middle of the street at a stop light these two guys got out of their cars to yell at each other. Nobody won and it didn't come to blows but the bus we were on had enough and blasted them with his air horn. You love to see a good argument now and again.

This was supposed to be a picture but I accidentally took video. Either way it doesn't need an explanation of why its funny. The 'oh no' at the end was realizing it was video not a still. Then I forgot to take a photograph of it!

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