Monday, April 12, 2010

Pre: parations and Tre: pedations

I'm getting listo'ed for my big upcoming trip. Currently, my dad and two of my sisters, Kara and Krista, are roaming the countryside of Japan. When their trip wraps up at the end of the week, Pops will make a stop in China before meeting up with me in London.

We will spend the next 2 weeks jotting around England, Scotland and Spain catching 4 soccer matches, sight seeing, and golfing at St. Andrews. It should prove to be most excellent.

I am doing what I can to prepare. I started physical therapy today and will have 5 treatments in the next 8 days to hopefully give me some much needed strength and endurance in an ankle that is equal to post Haiti earthquake devastation.

I worry because I am going to have to walk more than I may be capable. I have to prepare myself mentally for the pain that will without doubt be overwhelming. Advil and Aleve don't do the a long shot. Prescription Meds have little effect. Pain, something I am very tolerant of; pain that would cripple most people, will be ever present. I will do my best and I won't let it get me down. I will grit my teeth and bear it.

So with some fear and trepidation I am preparing the best I can for trip that will be epic and matter what.


Oscarson Photography said...

Dude!! I am jealous of London and all... but the 4 matches, now THAT produces STRONG feelings of envy...

Kara said...

DUde, I hope you get there first!! But if/when you do, I hope that your ankle holds up OK so the trip isn't complete rubbish. (See, I would be a good companion on those soccer excursions in England!)