Thursday, March 25, 2010

Re: Cap

First, go check out my new post over at Caleb Reeve for President - 2016.

Done with that one? Ok now, Check out this Meili's blog and make the White Chocolate Macadamia Cookies. I was at a BBQ the other day and she brought them and holy crap are they good!

Did you know that you can see my day to day posts on my twitter feed? You can come to this page and see the updates on the right side of the page or if you are on twitter then follow me @calebreeve.

You may know that a month ago I had my ankle scoped. Good old Dr. Maling, from my Ketamine post, was back inside my ankle joint cleaning it out. After about 2 weeks of recovery time I was feeling a little skeptical that this had done any good and that maybe Maling wasn't as good as I wanted him to be. But as recovery has come along I can feel that the joint hurts less. It is till swollen and hurting but I think it is going to be better than it was...and that was the point of the surgery. Now I have 9 different scars on that ankle. Pretty rad. Even one of my scars has a scar. And if you ask me, that's hard core.

I went on another investigation in Idaho. As you may recall, my last one was a success. This one...not so much. I ended up in Boise looking for a guy that had hurt his knee a couple years ago. He;s been collecting on the accident ever since. Apparently his physical therapist thinks he is faking it and called the insurance company. That is where we come in.

I'm in Boise staking this place out. I don't want to bore you to death with the details (unless you ask for them) but suffice it to say that despite my best efforts to be incognito, the people in this neighborhood were not having anything to do with me. I had one neighbor call another to inform them I was outside their house. That neighbor who was called, I talked to and explained what was going on, decided she didn't like me there and called her son who came and made a big scene, called the coppers, and basically kicked me out of the neighborhood. That was day one.

Day Two consisted of me staking out this house from a completely different location at 6am when 2 slack jawed hill billies come call the cops (who I had called and informed I was there staking the place out,) opened my car door and yelled at me. I eased their minds and explained the situation. But they called the po-leese, who showed up AT MY STAKE OUT and asked for my ID. Apparently dispatch forgot to pass along the info that I had registered with them. So needless to say, my surveillance was over and I had to make the long drive back to Provo. And let me tell you something; Idaho is a crap state. The cities are all dirty and ugly and there is nothingness everywhere. That drive is the worst.

I hope you've enjoyed my blogging today. Get out there and be somebody!

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