Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So, today there was some strange scratching coming from our dryer exhaust vent. It was a bit curious and a little scary. Come to find out that the silver exhaust tube MOVED. It was a BIRD in our exhaust vent! So my roommates and I, me taking the lead decided to get them out of there. Easier said then done.

First we had to move the dryer away from the wall. Then we had to get a screw driver so I could loosen the vent tube. I get the tube loose and shake it and a bird starts going CRAZY! Flying around the laundry room. So there you have 3 grown men screaming at a bird. I slap at it like its a moth and knock it to the ground. (it was fine. just a love tap really.)

Suddenly, to our surprise there is a bird in one of the bedrooms! Apparently there are 2 BIRDS stuck in there. So this bird in the bed room is acting a fool! Flying into the closet, running into walls, absolutely bonkers. I open the blinds, open the window, pull out the screen and proceed to shew the bird out of the closet. It comes out and heads for safety except it runs into the unopened glass part of the window. Then it breaks free through the open half. Seeing birds run into windows is always funny.

**Quick side story** There was this bird back at the Alamo house that EVERY DAY would come and land on a bush outside the family room window and literally for an hour each day take a 1 foot approach and fly repeatedly in the window. It happened so often that it permanently scratched the window. good times. :)

Our attention turns back to the laundry room where the following link will take you to the video that shows what happened next... BIRDS GONE WILD Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

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Dallas and Krista said...

That bird was hilarious. I totally remember that retarded bird. Was he bored or just stupid? And why was it ALWAYS funny?

PS this reminds me of the BEE movie. Have you seen it? There is this funny scene where he runs into the window like 10 times fast saying, "maybe this time, maybe this time, this time, this time... " Is that what they are thinking?

brittany said...

ha, that made me laugh:) I'm gonna watch it again.

Kara said...

My kids and I watched this a lot. The part where your roommate in the towel freaks out is hilarious! Awesome.

I remember that bird too. Birds run into our windows here all the time. There are marks left on the window, full wing span and everything.