Monday, April 26, 2010

Trip: Edinburgh

Kensington Chub here!

I know I said 'see you Wednesday' at the close of the last post but after getting here I thought this city needed a post of its own. To say the least, I am impressed with Edinburgh. It has all the classic looks and feel of the filial society with old buildings, tiny roads and classic ‘old world style.

When we arrived today by train from Birmingham, we went to get a cab and told him where we were headed. He promptly kicked us out of his cab. Apparently al we needed to do was walk up the stairs. Our hotel was literally next door to the train station. What we didn’t know was that is about 4 flights of stairs…and for me, with 2 heavy suitcases, my arms were burning!

We checked into the hotel which is the same chain as the first hotel we stayed in.

I have been collecting bars of soap from hotels I have stayed at. I have collected maybe 10 or so bars over the past year and was hoping to add to my collection on this trip. Today was supposed to be #3 but since it’s the same hotel chain it is the same soap brand as well…

We got on another “city tour” bus and took a journey around the old town. I am all about it. There are too many words to describe it, so may that I can’t think of them all…any. I think I will have to let the pictures do the talking. Besides, the pictures were the reason I was posting again so soon. I want you to see what I saw.

We toured on the bus saw the town, decided on the places we wanted to visit tomorrow and then walked some of the streets. Just down the road from our hotel there is a large tower...

...that was erected in maybe 1866 to the memory of Sir Walter Scott, 287 steps and 200 feet to the top. He wrote some poems and books and got King George to come visit Scotland, the first monarch in 200 years to do so.

For some reason as I stood there looked up at this monument, it called my name. “Caleb, climb up here and check it out.” I listened. Dad elected not to venture to the top. Once i had ascended to the top the scenery was spectacular.
I snapped a few photos and invariably did this landscape a grave injustice.

This is a picture of a few of those stairs. At the very top I had to turn sideways because it got so narrow.

This is the local castle. Dandylions...which is pronounced daffodils, in bloom and everything!

On a funny note, out here in Britain when an apartment or office has space available, the signs all say, To Let. My dad pointed out that with a can of spray paint a juvenile mind as my own could turn every sign into ToiLet.
I mean, there is a space there to insert the “I” already! I can imagine a night of mayhem and newspaper headlines talking about the ‘Toilet Tagger” running amuck amongst the Britons.

That is all for now.


Dallas and Krista said...

So funny that you took a picture of the to let signs. After about 5 weeks in London I finally asked my school buddy how on earth all of the "i"s had seemed to have fallen off of the toilet signs. He rolled his eyes and informed me how that was the most blond thing ever on the face of the planet :) Whoops! Glad you are loving it and especially happy you chose to go to the top- it's always even better up where most of the people choose not to venture! LOVE YOU!

Kara said...

I am loving your blogging. The pictures make me almost nostalgic, although I can't imagine why? I've never been there before! Weird. I'm so glad your ankle is holding up.

brittany said...

I LOVED reading this and seeing the pictures! It took me like 5 hours to read the post (literally) because it's spring break for the kids and they kept interrupting and needing me for this and that. And Isaac kept x-ing out or going to typing games. finally I said, "okay! I am going to finish reading about my brother's trip! Everyone leave me alone for a few minutes!"

I'm glad you followed that call to climb to the top. And that dad was just fine letting you go even if he wasn't ready to climb 200 feet.

I want to go to Edinburgh.