Friday, April 23, 2010


At the moment we are flying off the south east coast of Nova Scotia at 605 mph ground speed, its -72* F outside at an altitude of just over 33000 feet. I write this 4 hours and 49 minutes from my eventual destination, Gatwick Airport in London England. I guess that means it is actually 2am 'local time.' I should be asleep trying to get acclimated to the new schedule I will be on for the next 2 weeks. But as I am a side sleeper and this chair doesn't lay flat it is going to be a long night.

As I was lying there trying to get comfortable in a first class seat, with a fully interactive map, movies, TV shows, a 5 course meal in my belly that consisted of steak and shrimp and cheesecake, a blanket, pillow, and an eye mask to block out the light, I felt this overwhelming sense of gratitude and fortunate. It hit me and I felt that instead of trying to sleep I should start this trip off with the acknowledgment and express that I feel I am truly blessed.

As I look back over the years of my life I can't believe how much I have been blessed over the years. It is a tremendous feeling. I am quite sure I do not deserve to be entreated with so much. There is a true feeling of humility that has come over me. I am thankful. I am full of thanks. These opportunities that have been provided to me, not speaking of just this trip alone, but for parents that have more love for me that I know what to do with, for 4 sisters that have been shining examples in my life of love and motherhood, and womanhood, for friends that give me rides to the airport or who are even willing to do it, for a church that has given me faith and answers to questions that would otherwise left me alone in this world of confusion, for a roof, an income, for work, for play, for a volcano that let up and allowed me to make this flight, and for a myriad of things that I could list that range from a solid upbringing to material possessions that make my life simpler, connected and easier.

So on this trip as I write about the many great experiences I hope to have, please know that it all is taken with an understanding that I am more than grateful for the chance to be here and to take part in such a dream as this. My recent tweets and possible future rants about how awesome it is to live this type of life are all measured with a ruler of perspective. I know I am fortunate. I do not know why I have been so blessed but I realize it and do not take it for granted. I will bask in the sun while it shines upon my brow for I do not know how long it will shine.

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