Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Rave and a Rant

I’m doing this in chapters so you can stop and come back on another day and still have something new to read. So don’t get all over zealous and read this all in one day. I don’t know when my next post will be.

Ok…I know people have been wondering where I have been or at least why I haven’t written anything in 2 months. Well the answer is: I didn’t have anything I felt like talking about. I’m sorry. It is also a combination of not giving me the time to write anything. I have been busy and given myself over to other things that I’d rather do than write a blog. That’s just the truth. It’s not that I don’t like writing blogs, and I know you crave them. If I don’t add stuff people will stop coming altogether. So here is something for you. If you haven’t go check out the links to my sister’s sites; Brooke, Brittany, Kara, and Krista. See all of the fun things they are doing.

My sisters (all 4 of them) have gone CRAZY over these books by Stephanie Meyer. If you’re a chick then you’ve probably heard of them. Twilight and New Moon. I was approached a couple of weeks ago and told I should really read these books. So because of their excitement and finding out that Kara and Brittany are flying in to Phoenix to attend an event put on by this author, I thought sure. I didn’t even up a fight. I poured through both of the books. Each one took a bout a weekend to complete. I guess most people have been doing the same thing.

They are good books. I enjoyed reading both of them. They are love stories about a 18 yr old girl and a vampire falling in love and the complications of how to deal with such a vexed relationship. It’s cute. I smiled and laughed and shed a tear once even. I am a bit of a softie but there is no shame in that. So yeah, good books. I recommend them and so do pretty much everybody else who I’ve talked to who has read them. (That is at least 6 other people.)

Other pertinent information. I am going to this event as well. It is a Prom, which is a chapter in one of the books. We are talking about the real deal. I’m wearing a Tux. I also made a soundtrack for the books. Something that my sisters have been working on as well. Not my idea but I felt I could put one together and if anything I’d like it.

All of that was to lead to this…How come the publishing industry doesn’t make a big fuss about pirating like the music industry? I didn’t buy Stephanie’s books. I borrowed them and read them and gave them back. Probably to be lent out again to someone else. Mrs. Meyer just lost out. Shouldn’t she be up in arms about how I just ripped her off? Why isn’t there a movement I have heard about to stop this crime? The music and movie industry is all over this issue. When I was burning my play list to give to my sisters off iTunes I received a warning that said I was copying songs that were protected and only to be used for personal use. There wasn’t a warning on the book that said don’t let anyone read this book; make them go buy it. Shouldn’t the FBI be getting after me? I bet when the movie comes out there will be a preview/commercial warning me about pirating the movie.

Obviously I am not reproducing the book and selling it or giving it away to people as some may do with music and movies…but isn’t the idea the same? I’m getting the entertainment for free. I didn’t pay for it and the author/creator of the work didn’t get any money for my enjoyment. The publisher didn’t get any money from me. All I gave was my time. I find it strange.

Here is the thing though. I think I may go buy the books anyway and mail them to someone who may enjoy them. I might. I’ve thought about it. I probably wouldn’t do it with a book I didn’t like or even a book I did like. I sorta feel guilty. I bought a book called Next by Michael Crichton, read it and finished it at the airport one day while I was traveling. I ended up just giving it to a guy who I met while my plane was delayed. I just gave it to him. What is the deal with that? Someone should pass a law. I’m done ranting for no reason.

I’ll post my play list so you can see it. If you want a copy I’ll burn one for you if you send me a blank cd and a self addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) to me. I feel it is my responsibility to tell you that you should go buy the book…or get it from the li-bary because you’ll easily finish it before the return due date.

Thanks for sticking with me. I love you.


Anonymous said...

I took your advice and drove down the information superhighway to Krista's blog. I've gotta say, you are a lucky man; you have an amazing family.
I side with everybody else in regard to wanting to join your Chocolate Chip Cookie tasing panel on Wednesday afternoons. I picked up 4 new recepies today, so thank them for me if you would.
Much love baby- Zatara

Krista said...

So glad to see you back! I read all the chapters at once. Dang.

laurel said...


Just wanted to say Hi! Long time no see :)

Love these books. Wish I could come to the Prom!!!!


Kara said...

Crap, I read all of them at the same time. Oh well. keep on keeping on!