Monday, November 11, 2013

This Girl!

I'm driving myself crazy over this girl. I literally dream about her...more than I should really.  I don't have her number. I don't know where she lives.  Rarely do our paths cross. I know enough to know that she is all I want to know about.
  • She is stylish.  
  • She is smart. 
  • She is funny.  
  • She is her own person.  
  • She owns who she is.  
  • She is gorgeous.  
  • She has this face.
The main problem is that she hasn't spent a half a second losing sleep over me.  She doesn't dream about me or think about me.  She doesn't know me.  She hasn't bothered to and I don't think she ever will no matter what I do.

That makes me sad.

You know, you build someone up to a point where the idea of who they are is almost always better than they really are.  I am 100% sure I am doing that.  I know there are problems, issues, realities that I simply don't know and am not aware of.  I get that.  But through the rose colored glasses that I see her, she is something else. 

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