Monday, September 28, 2009

Falling to Pieces

Good day my friends!

I am coming apart at the seams. This past year has been taxing on my poor body. Let me tell you about them.
1. Midcarpal Instability - this ailment that occurs in the wrist happened when I was playing football last October on Conference Weekend. Somehow, something went wrong when I either tackled someone or got tackled by someone. This causes my wrist to pop out of place whenever I put pressure on it. This has ruined my ability to throw a football and anything larger than a softball. The motion causes it to pop. It is painful and chronic. I was in a cast for 6 weeks which resulted in several hundred dollars of useless. It is extremely rare and nearly incurable.

2. Left Ankle - This has been an ongoing condition from my surgery back on 2007. The joint has be deteriorating slowly and the pain increasing. I need to get it scoped. In the meantime, because I can't afford it, I have been paying doctors $50 a pop to get steroid injections into the joint to alleviate the pain for a few weeks at a time. I've had 5 since November.

3. Torn Ligament/Tendon - I think I tore something in my right elbow at the end of June. I had to stop playing 3rd base on my softball team because I couldn't make the throws. I was resigned to playing catcher and opted to not play on an intramural football team because I didn't want the temptation. It is still on the mend.

4. Cellulitis - Some how in June I got cellulitis in my left elbow. Another random occurrence indeed. I think this may have been caused by some old lotion that I used to cure my exceedingly dry elbows. Any how, I ended up at the hospital getting an IV and spending another several hundred dollars. But I was cured.

5. Vertigo - I came down with a random case of Vertigo about 10 days ago. I was consigned to my bed for a long 4 days. I couldn't walk around with out nearly falling over and getting nauseous. I am finally over it 100% thanks to Rick Sampson MD, who provided me with some Meclizine. What ever it is it helped.

The question now is, What's Next? Hopefully someone else causes it so I don't have to pay for it. (like what happened to my car) I do have insurance but with Obama out and about trying to change everything who knows what is going to happen.


Linda said...

Caleb, paleeeezzzz, call me. ym

Ra-call-dee... said...

The dizziness may be due to your cortisone shots, so you gotta keep an eye on that stuff. As good as it it, it does come with it's problems. Too much steroid causes nausea, dizziness, vomiting, fever, or shortness of breath and is a medical emergency. Just something to scare you with. Much love!