Thursday, October 11, 2007

Austrailian Pink Floyd

I went to the above mentioned concert on Tuesday with Robb MacDonald. He's the one who got me into Pink Floyd back in the day. I had one of those moments where you hear a song and you remember everything about it. We were working on his Eagle Project collecting "books for the barrios." Driving around in the clan van as it was called on a cloudy, probably fall Saturday; Robb was playing a tape of a mix of Floyd songs. One side was a bunch on songs from The Final Cut, an obscure, lesser known album of Floyd's. I remember hearing these songs and connecting with the passion and soul with which the music was played and sung. I could tell that the guy who wrote it really meant it. I had Robb make me some tapes...maybe it was CD's but I think they were still tapes at this point in life.

The show we went to was really awesome. Any fan of Pink Floyd would enjoy this concert. They sound and play nearly identical to the original versions of the songs. The stage set up, video, and effects are all replications of an actual Floyd show. I was happy I went.

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