Monday, August 21, 2006

Scribble Me This

I was going to go and poach the Sunday Scribbling from one of my sisters but none of them did it this week...and last week is so played out I can't even go there.

But since I have only written crap about how I couldn't get a relationship to work, I figured I owed my fans a little something. Ha But don't think it is a mystery who visits. I have a little something called Google Analytics set up on this blog here that tracks your every movement. I know when, who, where, what server, what page you saw...all that stuff.

I am excited to see some family. I made a great escape to Utah 2 weeks ago to see my dad. It was a spur of the moment thing. He said he was going to be bored all weekend up there in Utah. So I ended up tracking down a ticket to the Real Madrid vs Real Salt Lake soccer match...2 tickets. And it worked out that with a free voucher on Southwest and a quick packing job allowed for a weekend in Utah. I booked the ticket at 630pm and my plane left at 830pm. Drop of a dime. It worked out because all I had planned was to go watch the traffic at one of my work's properties by the new Cardinals Football Stadium. So from traffic counts to golf and soccer. It was fun.

In September, I am going to visit Kara and her family. I had to go. When Ellie calls me and asks, "When you come see Tate? When you see Tate?" in that tiny little voice I couldn't really wait any longer. I am excited. Then In October I am finally going home. I haven't been to California in over 1.5 years. It isn't that I don't like going I just never have a really good reason. I see my parents pretty much everywhere else besides at there. I don't have many friends that live out there anymore. I guess I could go spend a couple of days in Carmel is a nice enough place that you can not feel bad about just sitting there alone. But Kara is heading out to Alamo and talked me into keeping her company. I didn't put up too big of a fight.

I consider myself a lucky guy. My family loves me. I love them. I have a job that I love (where I am writing this. hee hee!) I can't ask for too much more. Maybe a raise and a girlfriend...but that's it.


Tori said...

Ok, so I was curious about this Goolgle Analytics and hooked it up with my blog. Can you really see who has visited your site? With screen names, etc.? Or is it more general info?

Krista said...