Thursday, August 24, 2006

Racism Sitll Alive

The above article, which you should read first, talks about a bus driver in Louisiana that segregated the children. Black kids in the back and whites in the front. Not only that but she made the 9 black kids share only 2 benches between them. So there were safety issues involved.

My Thoughts:
As disturbing as this may be I want to point out that the back of the bus is the best place to be. When I was growing up in Massachusetts, I always sat near the back of the bus. It offered protection from authoritative eyes. My friends and I used to flip over the seats when the bus driver wasn't looking. I once flipped 26 times on the way to school. It may still be a record.

I want to look at this from from my 3rd grade eyeballs. If I (a white boy) was forced to sit at the front of the bus and the black kids in the back, I would have been pissed! Why do they get the good seats! Why should they get to sit in the back? That's not fair. The back is the best place to be! So from my point of view from 3rd grade eyes, I would be the one repressed and oppressed.

Don't get me wrong. I think what happened is wrong. People shouldn't be segregated for any reason. I'm not racist or a hater of any one type of person. All are entitled to the freedoms that we have in this country. All I am saying is that there are 2 sides to every penny. But let me get one thing clear...the fact that the black kids were in the back of the bus is not the issue. The fact that the kids were separated is the issue; that those kids' safety was jeopardized.


Melanie said...

Dear Caleb,
I have enjoyed coming to your blog occasionally and seeing how you are doing and what your latest thoughts are. Spencer and I are happy to see that you are doing well. I also wanted to thank you for telling me about Google Analytics in your last blog. I put it on my blog...and although I feel a little is my blog! It's great fun. Wanted to say hello and thanks.
Love, Melanie

p.s. Here is our blog in case you ever want to drop in. :)

brittany said...

First of all, That's nuts. What kind of psycho bus driver is that guy?

Second, I laughed out loud picturing you flipping the whole way to school.

I can't wait to see what your kids are going to be like.