Thursday, July 13, 2006

3 New Poems and a Quick Recovery

Yes its true, NEW POEMS! Happy day...I guess. Most of my poems are maybe not happy day. But at least you have some new material. I have put my poems in alphabetical order so it is not as easy to track the new poems down. I did that because I didn't want the people who inspired them to be able to go to my blog and see a new post and say, "That's about me! You Jerk!" or something similar to that. I will give you the titles though.

"Repetitious Ways", "Her Wall", "Scared".

I'll do some explaining because the "Quick Recovery" wouldn't make sense with out it. You can read my last 2 posts and know that there has been a little something going on with me and this girl. Well, I told her I was writing some poems inspired by her and she wanted to read them. She's been to the site before too. So she read the same ones you're about to read.

Without getting into any details...we broke up, this time from being friends. We figured out that it was too hard for me to just like her as a friend (because she's chocolate milk to me) and that she wasn't ready for anything to happen yet. It was hard to take. I wanted to be friends with her still.

I wrote her an email (which was how we came to the previous conclusions) that laid it all out. At the end I said, "I don’t know where to go from here really. My guess is that it is over. I don’t want it to be. Out of all the ones who have hurt me, you are by far my favorite one. You have my respect and love. Thank you so much my tiny chocolate milk." I shed a couple of tears as I wrote the last sentence, sent it, and left work.

It ended on a good note. She replied and it was over. I was sad. I tried not to think about it. I was really sad. This girl, she was to steal a line from a movie, "like Christmas morning." But it was done.

Oddly enough, while eating a tasty Flauta Bajio, from Bajio's Mexican Grill, it just hit me...I didn't like her anymore. Yeah! I know! But believe it! It was so strange. I just thought...Why bother having it hurt? You said what you needed to say. You did everything you could do. It wasn't the right time. Oh Well. Whataya gonna do.

And that was it. I didn't have those feelings for her. It was over. I could be her friend and not wish to be the guy that would buy her a pretty ring one day. I just didn't care and I was ok with what happened.

I texted her and told her what had happened. She replied later that night and said she was happy. I emailed her today and texted her yesterday and she hasn't responded...and you know what? That's ok.

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