Wednesday, April 03, 2013

What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

I'm gonna start this post with a title that young people won't get.  That is sort of the point of this post.   BTW - It is a Grateful Dead song. Go use the internet to figure it out.

I've had a rough week emotionally. My age, even though I feel youthful and young, apparently is something that is becoming quite obvious to younger (than me) people.  It is troubling because I don't feel like these people should be labeling me as "old."

My problem is, while I am ONLY 33, it obviously looks different from some younger eyes.  What these people don't know is that I don't FEEL 33, I don't act 33, and I don't like being 33.  I liked 23 much better.  I still feel 23, a bit wiser for sure but I am still a carefree, fun-loving fool.  Maybe I am just scared to embrace it.  I mean, I listen to talk radio...I don't know how that happened but I guess my age is showing in more ways than one.

Here are the things I remember that have scarred me in the past few days.

1) I subbed and taught some 9 year olds in Sunday School.  They kept telling me I was old.  I had to explain that I was still younger than their parents. (thankfully)

2) A girl I work with told me I reminded her of Phillip Seymour Hoffman from Along Came Polly.  FML.

3) Tonight at Karaoke some kid brought a guitar and asked if he could sing a song about transforming into an Indian. (feather) The DJ told him no but he could sing. I was right there and said that he should sing a song from The Doors. Jim Morrison seemed to have a thing for them. It went like this.
Kid: You mean 3 Doors Down?
Me: No The DOORS, Jim Morrison? Light My Fire? The End?
Kid: I don't know who that is.
Me:Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, really?
I didn't know if I should punch him or myself or just beat him with his won guitar.

4) Separate event at Karaoke. 4 girls probably 18ish, I'll go +/- 1 year, are at the DJ booth trying to pick a song.  I ask one of the girls, "What song are you going to sing?"  She looks at me and says, "Sir?"  Time out. WTF?  Did I just get Sir'ed? So I ma'am'ed her back and she just got more confused.

5) Some girl on Twitter said (to someone else, not me) "it is no wonder you are 25 and single." F. I'm 33 and single.

6) A couple of days ago I was trimming my facial scruff and I noticed for the first time in my life I had 3-4 gray whiskers.  I freaked out a little inside. I wasn't expecting that...for about 15 more years.

In the midst of all this, for the past few weeks I am using this app called Tinder.  The fact that you have to look it up or don't know what it is should be reason enough...  Basically you look at a profile and like them or pass.  If a person you like also likes you, you are notified of a mutual interest.  This is what I hear happens because in the few weeks I have used it, I have liked PLENTY of girls on there in all age ranges, I have yet to have a match. I am a little embarrassed to admit to it but whatever.

So there you have it.  I'm gonna go make some references about the 80's since none of them were born yet.

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