Monday, March 26, 2012

Mental Foreplay

I have had this blog for 7 years now. I remember being in an internet marketing class talking about blogging and what it was and how it was going to be a thing of the future.  It hadn't really caught on at the time.  It was still a budding new way for people to express themselves. 

I named my blog back then, Mental Foreplay, because I thought it sounded funny.  I wanted it to be provocative and inspire people to think more about their lives and what is happening around them.  I don't know that I have lived up to providing the content that makes that even possible.

People show up to this site out of curiosity.  They come from all over the world. Probably in search of some naked chicks or advice on how to get some.  I mean, Mental Foreplay? What is that? I am sorry to disappoint the people in search of those things.

I would like to be more consistent.  Give you some content you can come back to on the regular and enjoy.  My media and the information I disseminate across the web is so fractured at this point it is hard to consolidate it all into one place. Between Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and 3 different blogs, things get dispersed unevenly across the board. I think I may look to find a way to bring more content here. It will still be a potpourri of issues and topics.  Videos, pictures, music, advice, thoughts, laughs etc.

Mental Foreplay is on the rise again. Are you ready? I hope I am!

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